Bling Update

I’m fighting off a cold (thanks, coworker), so for today, you get photos of one of the things I did this weekend – hung up my newest bling.


Running Bling

Triathlon Bling

Triathlon Bling

In one of the Facebook groups I occasionally visit, there has been a debate about race medals.  Should big races have big medals?  Apparently, people were disappointed about the size of the Chicago Marathon medals.

While I love my race bling, I don’t race for the medals (though I admit, one of the reasons I want to do the 5 year Space Coast series is for the medals honoring each of the shuttles – but that might be more about my space obsession and less about the fact that they’re race medals).  But I do like the medals for what they represent.

My running medals are a bit overwhelming.  But right now, my triathlon medals are my favorite.  Even the boring ones.  Starting triathlon was a big leap for me and I’ve had so much fun racing over the past few years.

I know a lot of people couldn’t care less about medals.  Others choose their races for the quality of the medals.  I’m somewhere in between.  But I admit, I’m going to have to do something about these displays.  The running medals are getting a bit overwhelming!  And I don’t even race that much!

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  1. I wouldn’t pick a race specifically for the medal, but I still like getting them. I’ve read a few articles where people are down on medals, saying that you should only get a medal if you podium. Not down with that.

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