Big Race Weekend (But Not For Me)

This weekend was a big race weekend.  Not for me. I was fighting off a cold still, so I spent the weekend on the couch and singing a choir concert.  (And doing a little bit of training, let’s be honest.  As I posted on Twitter, on Saturday, I rode on my bike trainer with a tissue stuffed up my nose because it was easier than constantly wiping it.  I’m nothing if not classy.)

I spent a lot of my weekend obsessively tracking friends who were racing.  Saturday was the rescheduled IRONMAN Maryland, and it looked rough!  Bad enough winds that the swim course got shortened to about 1.8 miles (I think) and the winds kept up on the bike and the run.  And of course, the temperatures dropped significantly too.  I had been scheduled to volunteer before the reschedule, but had to back out because of my choir concert this weekend.  Definitely a good decision, as I ended up getting this cold, and it would not have been good for me to be out there.  Plus none of those triathletes needed to get sick.  I’m still super disappointed I couldn’t be there to help though.

Kim and I were watching the tracking “together” waiting for Jon to come through onto the run course.  It was fun watching friends come out of transition onto the run, and it was interesting to see the different outfits people wore.  There were a lot of people very bundled up, so it had to be cold.  Kristin was reporting in from the mile 100 stop and it sounded like everyone was freezing.  One girl had on a Superman t-shirt and cape.  I was VERY impressed.

Reports started popping up online of volunteers taking off layers and giving them to freezing runners.  A lot of runners went out onto the run course in only their tri kits, and the weather dropped down into the 40’s.  Apparently, someone was also handing out trash bags to help keep people warm.  You do what you have to.  Warm gear was also magically found on the course in various places.  I know, I know.  No outside help.  But I think when safety is concerned, well, we look the other way.  It definitely made me think that when I volunteer at races, I should make sure to wear layers that I can give away.

I’m really impressed by everyone who got out there and raced and everyone who volunteered.  I plan to be there next year!

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  1. Jon said it was about 35 degrees with the windchill. Although I hope he was wrong and that there were photographers on the run course I want to see the trash bag photos!
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