Wed…Thursday Workout Recap

Well, now that we’re officially in the future, it’s time for me to catch up on my workout recaps. For the past two weeks.  Because I have been lazy.

Week of 10/5

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Easy 3 mile run.  Did this while talking on the phone.  I think perhaps I go a bit too easy.

Wednesday – Bike Speed Workout.  It’s a good thing I love my trainer because looking ahead, I’m going to be spending a TON of time on it this winter.

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.  I was so fatigued throughout this entire swim.  I did it, but man, I was tired.  Usually I perk up during these, but not today.

Friday – Massage and Army Ten Miler expo

Saturday – Easy 10 minute shakeout

Sunday – Army Ten Miler!

Week of 10/12

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – I was clearly starting to get sick by this point.  Skipped my workout and went to bed.

Wednesday – Skipped life today and spent it on the couch.

Thursday – Did an easy 45 minute bike in hopes that I was recovering.  Was definitely still exhausted.

Friday – Late choir rehearsals.  Where I had no voice.

Saturday – Easy 90 minute bike ride.  Felt good to sweat it out, but this was harder than it should have been.

Sunday – Choir concert where I had 90% of my voice back.  Then sleep.

One thing that I’ve learned going back through my workouts is that I can clearly see where I was getting sick.  I think that by the Thursday before Army Ten Miler, my body was fighting something off. Swim was much harder than it should have been.  I probably should have upped my Vitamin C and made sure I was getting a ton of rest and fluids to try to ward it off.  It also explains why my ATM was more sluggish than I anticipated.  I wasn’t pushing by any means, but I thought that a natural pace would have been faster given my training.

(Also, Timehop has shown me that I apparently get a killer cold right around this time every year.  I should mark this on my calendar and just wear a face mask through all of October.)

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