Thursday Workout Recap

I have worked over 32 hours in three days.  I am tired.  And very behind on everything.

I did get in my workouts last week though!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Trainer workout plus strength work.  Legs no longer work.

Wednesday – Treadmill hill work.  This one wasn’t pretty and was way slower than it should have been, but I figure that it was better than nothing.

Thursday – Team Fight swim practice.  Hooray!

Friday – 60 minute trainer tempo workout.

Saturday – 8 mile run

Sunday – Cheering all day, 90 minute bike ride when I got home.  Good job, self!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Workout Recap

  1. Oh god, no. I can’t bring myself to consider an Ironman because that is too many hours. 32 hours is INSANE.

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