Weekly Workout Recap

Nope, it’s not Wednesday, though with a mid-week holiday, my body has no idea what day it is.  Either way, here’s last week’s workout recap.

Monday – Glorious, glorious rest day

Tuesday – Did a high RPM trainer workout.  I struggle with getting my RPM up high enough, but I’m definitely improving.  I’m also definitely feeling it.  Also did my strength workout today.

Wednesday – This was supposed to be a hill workout and I failed miserably.  I kept getting interrupted (phone, doorbell, cat vomit) and I let it throw off my groove.  Gave up about 2/3rds of the way in and ate dinner and went to bed.

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.  Finally a good workout.  Lots of long drills.  Still working on my form and I made a slight tweak to my hands and fingers that might be helping.  At least my shoulders seem to think that I’m pulling harder.

Friday – Nice hard trainer ride.  Exactly the opposite of Tuesday – low RPM grinding.  No wonder my legs are dead.

Saturday – 9 mile run.  My “easy” pace is slowly increasing, which is an awesome feeling, but I’m still slow as molasses.  But at least it’s warm molasses and not frozen molasses.

Sunday – 2 hour trainer ride.  Various intervals in there, thanks to my coach, but I ended up with about 27 miles, which for a trainer ride for me, isn’t too bad.  I’m loving my tri bike more and more each ride.

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