Wednesday Workout Recap

Would you look at that?  A workout recap post actually on Wednesday!

Monday – Rest Day.  Choir rehearsals.  Hooray for Christmas music!

Tuesday – Tempo ride.  I was hoping the rest day would help my sore muscles, but alas.  Everything still hurts.

Wednesday – Treadmill speedwork!  I think I’m actually getting faster.  Also, I still find it crazy that my mid-week runs are around 7 miles or more.  It wasn’t that long ago that 7 miles was my long run!

Thursday – The exhaustion caught up to me.  Ended up in bed before 8, missed swim practice.  Thank goodness it’s the triathlon off season?

Friday – High RPM trainer ride.  “High” is a relative term for me right now.  I’m still working to get my cadence up, but my comfortable tempo is getting faster, so I suppose that’s improvement.

Saturday – TEN MILE TREADMILL RUN.  I am a machine.

Sunday – 90 minute trainer ride.  Ahh, the joy of just pedaling.

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