While I’m away racing, here are some links to peruse.  Just a few articles and blog posts that I found interesting over the last… indefinite amount of time.  Thank goodness for bookmark functions.

Seven Things I Did to Reboot My Life – Wil Wheaton is a phenomenal writer and this post is not to be missed.

20 Health Mistakes to Stop Making Before You Turn 40 – Ugh.  40.  I plan to be one of those women who at 40 looks like she’s in her early 30’s.  I can commit to that, right?

Halloween Weekend – I share Karen’s post primarily for the photo of her dog in costume.  I dare you to not laugh at that photo.

Training Gone Wrong: What to Do For Race Day – While I’m thankful that my training has gone well, that’s not always the case.  What do you do when race day shows up and your training has gone off the rails for one reason or another?

Sacred Spaces (Goodbye Grandma) – This one will make you cry, but you should read it anyway.

Why Do We Love to Take Things to the Extreme? – An interesting look at the need for extremes.  Why do we have to run all the races or run the longest races or do the most pushups or eat the cleanest diet?

What the Hell Happened to Triathlon? – With the popularity of BIG races, smaller races are getting lost.  And I think both have their place in your training schedule.

Finally, over the last three years, my friend Chrissy has been cooking her way around the world via some amazing recipes, and she just finished her journey.  (But she’s not stopping!)  Her blog is phenomenal, and I recommend spending quite a bit of time perusing, but definitely check out her list of favorite foods she’s cooked on this journey.  Yum.

By Megan

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  1. Great reads! I enjoyed the training gone wrong article – I too have felt like my training was going well and now that I have a sore ankle (not an injury), my training is going a little slower than I would like! Stay positive!
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