Wednesday Workout Recap… yeah no

Since running the Space Coast Half a little over a week ago, I’ve barely worked out.  Zero runs.  Two trainer rides.  It definitely wasn’t a planned break, but it’s probably good for my body.

This week isn’t going to be much better.  I’m singing three holiday concerts this weekend, which means late rehearsals Wednesday and Friday.  I know I should get up early and get in a workout before work, but since I’m out til around 10:30 at night, the last thing I want to do is get out of bed any earlier than 5:15.  I don’t know how people who get up at 3 for a workout manage it.  If there are any magical tricks, please share those with me.

Apparently, my coach doesn’t think singing two concerts on Saturday counts as a workout, so somewhere in there, I’ve also got to find time for an 8 mile run.  I’m sure it will go great after two weeks of no running, right?

Good thing my next big race isn’t for a few weeks.

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