Fat at the Gym

Why does this guy have one curl of hair on his chest?  Also, he has skipped leg day
Prawny / Pixabay

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen people talking about how they’re embarrassed to go to the gym because they don’t have the typical “gym-goer” body.  Umm…

How do you think those people got those bodies?  By going to the gym!

But I get it.  No one wants to go to the gym and feel like they’re the fat person on the treadmill that everyone’s looking at.  I have to tell you though, no one’s looking at you with any negativity in their minds.  They probably don’t even register anything about you.  And there might even be someone looking at you and thinking “Hey, that was me a year ago – I hope they keep it up too.”

No one is thinking “Why is that fat person here?”  So don’t worry about it.

From my experience, the only people who get judged at the gym are the annoying ones.  The guy who yells as he throws his weights on the floor, then doesn’t put them away.  The woman who won’t wipe down the machines after using them because she is a lady and ladies don’t sweat (spoiler alert: ladies sweat).  And don’t be that person who walks on the treadmill while gossiping on their phone.  So annoying.  But if you’re there minding your own business, no one will bat an eye.

And in general, people at the gym are pretty nice.  We’re all there for the same reason – to get in shape or stay in shape. Everyone had to start somewhere.  Sure, there are people who have been fit since they were kids and who have managed to stay in shape.  But they do that by working at it.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be at the gym in the first place.

So don’t let how you look keep you from going to the gym.  Just show up.

Wednesday Workout Recap


Hopefully this was the last week of terrible workout recaps.  Basically, the month of March was kind of a wash when it comes to training and that is a huge disappointment.

Monday – Rest day.  Hey, I got this one right!

Tuesday – Did a low gear trainer workout.  Actually went okay because I was just going low and slow.

Wednesday – Hit the treadmill for 4 miles.  Hacked my way through 2 miles, realized I was being an idiot and stopped.

Thursday – Given the coughing and snot, the pool was the last place I wanted to be, so I skipped this one.

Friday – Nope.

Saturday – Took my tri bike outside for the first time.  Spent about 75 minutes riding.  It was nice and easy, but it was awesome to start to learn how to ride in aero.  Now, how I’m going to eat or get to my rear bottles on this bike is an issue, but Future Megan will figure it out.

Sunday – First outdoor training run of the year.  Finally!  Did an easy 6 and it went surprisingly well.  Not as much coughing as I feared.  Maybe I will make it through Cherry Blossom.  Fingers crossed.

Next race – Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

cucblogoMy next race is this weekend, and it’s one of my favorites – the Credit Union Cherry Blossom ten miler.  This will be my sixth year running, and hopefully not my slowest year running.  March was kind of a wash when it comes to training, thanks mostly to being sick.  I got in six miles this weekend, though, and it went significantly better than expected.

That said, we’ll see how my lungs hold out.  And my legs.  I’m not a fast runner to begin with and this is a 14 minute mile pace.  On a normal day, sure, that’s not a problem, but who knows what my lungs will decide to do come race day.  I’ve been slowly weaning off my cough suppressant, which is going well.  I can actually sleep without spending half the night coughing!  I consider that a victory.  I also know that this race has a sweep point at mile 5, so if I hit there and know it’s just not my day, I can opt out.  I’ve never DNFed a race before, but there’s always a first time for everything, and better safe than sorry.  I am feeling significantly better though, so here’s hoping!

So, the race.  I love this race, even though the weather is traditionally terrible.  Last year, we lucked out and got to run under peak blooms.  This year, we’ll be a week after peak, so there will likely be lots of blossoms on the ground, sadly.  But it’s still a great course.  I love running through the streets of DC, and I even love Hains Point, even though everyone hates it.

(Side note – The best part of last year’s race was beginning Hains Point with Betsy and hearing her say “This isn’t so bad!” and finishing Hains Point with Betsy and hearing her say “I hate Hains Point.”)

This is an awesome race – a big race with the spirit of a small race.  And actually, it’s not THAT big of a race – which is why the lottery is such a big deal.  This was my first ten mile race, and my first big race in DC, and it will always be special to me.  So here’s hoping my lungs and legs get me to my sixth finish!

I am a rocket!

IMG_2266I took my “new” bike outside and didn’t die!

Yes, I bought this bike in August and hadn’t yet ridden it outside.  Why?  Well, the story is that I wanted to finish the race season on the bike I knew and was comfortable with.  And that is all true.  Then, after my last race of the season, I didn’t ride outside again.

Mostly, I was a little scared.  And had to get my final bike fit done.

I will be honest, riding in aero is scary.  My road bike is a little bit too big for me (thanks, bike shop that will go unnamed), so I couldn’t just put aero bars on it to practice.  My new bike is smaller so that it fits me, plus it is generally SMALL.  650cc wheels.  Tiny little compact space.  Kind of terrifying.

Also fast.

I knew I had to get outside and ride at some point, and this weekend was supposed to be nice and I had an easy 90 minute ride on my schedule, so I decided it was happening.  And I made Liz come with me, for which I’m not sure she has forgiven me, to be honest.

We went to the loop where we do 24 Hours of Booty because it’s an easy 2.1 mile loop with little traffic, but a good enough path where I figured I could get into aero and practice.  And I did.  And it was awesome and a little terrifying.

One thing I quickly learned was that the bike is easier to control the faster I’m going.  That makes sense from what little I know of physics.  Of course, this was just on easy hills.  The idea of going down some of the hills on the Iron Girl course terrifies me.  I could hit 35mph on my road bike.  Who knows what my tri bike will do!

But at least Coach is proud.


And I didn’t fall over.  I consider it a win.

Still on the mend

I still have this stupid cold. Now it is apparently acute bronchitis. My doctor’s office is awesome and I can contact them through their app and have these conversations without having to go in or pay a copay. The future is awesome. Anyway, this is apparently going around, so have fun, fellow locals. There’s no treatment other than rest, so I have been doing a lot of nothing lately. I’ve pretty much missed every workout for the past two weeks. Next weekend’s race is gonna be awesome.
So what have I been doing instead of working out? Well, resting, obviously. Also getting stuff done. Right now, I am at the car dealership finally dealing with a recall and an oil change. Super fun.

I’ve also been putting in some extra time at work. Not so much by choice, but by necessity. It is kind of nice to not have to worry about delaying my workouts because I am stuck at work late. Doesn’t mean I’m giving up my training though!

I started watching 11.22.63 on Hulu and it is excellent. I loved the book when I read it a few years ago, but I wasn’t sure about the miniseries because I don’t love James Franco. But it is really excellent and I highly recommend it. I am definitely re-reading the book once the miniseries is over too.

I feel like when I have free time, I just start spending money, which is dangerous. I find myself researching new hobbies that I normally don’t have time for. My latest obsession is pointed pen calligraphy. There are intro classes taught in the area so I might sign up at some point. Right now, I am just bookmarking things because I don’t actually have time for a new hobby. Triathlon is my hobby.

I’m also trying out Blue Apron. My first box comes today so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t love cooking, but I love eating, so it should be interesting.

So that’s my life right now. Planning to take my TT bike out tomorrow for some easy riding. Gotta get comfortable on it. I haven’t ever ridden it outside, and I have to start racing in May. I hope it won’t be as hard as I fear.