The germs, they have found me

Last Sunday, while running my 12 miler, my throat was scratchy.  I thought it was perhaps reflux from eating too close to running.  Hey, it happens.  Monday, I decided it might be a cold coming on.  By Monday night, I knew I was right.

Tuesday, I did what no one should do.  I went to work sick.  I didn’t really have a choice – we’re understaffed and had some big things going on that required my presence.  I hated that I was risking exposing everyone to my cold, but well, being a grown-up sucks sometimes.  I am pretty sure this also meant that my recovery would be greatly slowed.

And I was right.

Luckily, I haven’t been feverish and am not showing any signs of infection, and I’m probably getting better, but seriously, I have gone through so many tissues that it’s getting ridiculous.  I should go buy stock in Kleenex.

Apparently, there are three major cold viruses going around the area.  This will make number two for me.  My goal is to not get number three.  So it’s time for some immune boosting methods.  A number of ladies on the Coeur Team recommended Sound Probiotics, so I’m going to try those.  Also going to be better about remembering to take my vitamins.

The big key is getting enough sleep.  That’s a tough one when I’m working extra hours and also trying to keep up with my training and having a life, but if I don’t get enough sleep, things happen like missing the entire last week of training and having no life.

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