IMG_2266I took my “new” bike outside and didn’t die!

Yes, I bought this bike in August and hadn’t yet ridden it outside.  Why?  Well, the story is that I wanted to finish the race season on the bike I knew and was comfortable with.  And that is all true.  Then, after my last race of the season, I didn’t ride outside again.

Mostly, I was a little scared.  And had to get my final bike fit done.

I will be honest, riding in aero is scary.  My road bike is a little bit too big for me (thanks, bike shop that will go unnamed), so I couldn’t just put aero bars on it to practice.  My new bike is smaller so that it fits me, plus it is generally SMALL.  650cc wheels.  Tiny little compact space.  Kind of terrifying.

Also fast.

I knew I had to get outside and ride at some point, and this weekend was supposed to be nice and I had an easy 90 minute ride on my schedule, so I decided it was happening.  And I made Liz come with me, for which I’m not sure she has forgiven me, to be honest.

We went to the loop where we do 24 Hours of Booty because it’s an easy 2.1 mile loop with little traffic, but a good enough path where I figured I could get into aero and practice.  And I did.  And it was awesome and a little terrifying.

One thing I quickly learned was that the bike is easier to control the faster I’m going.  That makes sense from what little I know of physics.  Of course, this was just on easy hills.  The idea of going down some of the hills on the Iron Girl course terrifies me.  I could hit 35mph on my road bike.  Who knows what my tri bike will do!

But at least Coach is proud.


And I didn’t fall over.  I consider it a win.

By Megan

One thought on “I am a rocket!”
  1. So excited for you!! I am a huge chicken on my road bike (3 rides in and still can’t let go of the handlebars) but reading this helps me know that being scared is totally okay as long as you don’t let it control you. You ARE a rocket!

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