Wednesday Workout Recap

This week was definitely a swim focused week.  The joys of taper, I guess.  And it’s the area where I probably have spent the least amount of time.  Some of it has to do with what I gain from improving the swim, I guess.  Obviously, the race didn’t go well, but less water falling from the sky would be helpful.  But in general, even if I manage to speed up my swim, how much time am I going to cut off?  Five minutes?  Ten if something magical happens and I get really fast?  It’s going to be  much easier to cut 5-10 minutes off of my bike time.  But I’d still like to be strong in the swim.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Structured swim workout.  This is the first one I’ve had in a while that wasn’t part of a physically coached swim.

Wednesday – Easy 30 minute bike

Thursday – Team Fight swim, though I only did part of the workout, maybe 1500m.  Wanted to save my body for Saturday

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – RACE!

Sunday – Rest.  AKA cleaning the house.  Which is still a complete disaster.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout Recap

  1. My house is really cluttered. It it awful.
    And as for swimming, I like to think it isn’t so much about getting faster, but rather getting more efficient. That way you aren’t exhausted before you even get on the bike.
    I say this with three races under my belt, all of which I was pretty much toast after the swim.

  2. I mostly come out of the water relieved it’s done. I’m not good at pushing during the water because I worry about overdoing it, so I just end up doing an “easy” swim. I guess the practice makes my “easy” get faster?

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