A Post of Happy

June has been a pretty terrible month so far.  Lots of terrible things going on, both in the national news and locally.  Right now, I think we could all use a dose of happy things.  So here’s some things that make me happy.

This is a photo of my parents’ cat Taco.  He was taking a bath and fell asleep.  We’ve all been there, Taco, we’ve all been there.

Cat in a weird position because cats are weird

I’m not convinced Taco knows how to cat.  Photo credit: my mom.

In case you have forgotten, Taco used to look like this.

He doesn't like cats though.  Not at all.  Nope.

He doesn’t like cats though. Not at all. Nope.

Everyone’s favorite, The Oatmeal, has come out with If My Dogs Were a Pair of Old Men Part Two.

This is old (in internet terms – so 2 months), but still worth watching.  Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse.

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comic strips.  You should read it.

The Bloggess gives the best anniversary gifts, and I just wonder how she’s going to celebrate her 20th this year.

State flags are pretty ridiculous.

And finally, this story about a little boy sneaking into a garage to hug a dog.  It has a happy ending.

Share some things that make you happy in the comments!  Spread the happy!

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