Weekend Plans

Road with clouds and power lines

44833 / Pixabay

Another week over, another glorious weekend ahead.

And by glorious, I mean training filled.

This weekend’s training includes 50 miles of riding immediately followed by a mile or two of running (I should figure that out before I actually go for my run), as well as a ten mile run.

Weirdly, 50 miles no longer seems that bad.  I mean, it’s definitely far, but considering next weekend’s Fondo is 65ish, 50 should be a breeze, right?

Thankfully, the heat has broken somewhat.  No longer are we looking at three-digit highs.  Just two digits and oppressive humidity.  I’ll take it.  After all, I do need to get used to the heat.  Augusta is not exactly going to be cool.  I’m hoping it’s not 100+ degrees, and I have history on my side for that one, but anything can happen.

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