Just keep swimming…

The next two weeks of my training schedule are a bit screwy, specifically with regards to swimming.  As we’re nearing the end of the summer (at least in terms of school starting back up and such), the county indoor pools, where I normally swim, are closed for maintenance, so three of the outdoor pools have opened up for early morning lap hours.

One of the outdoor pools is actually closer to my house and is a 50 meter pool, so I prefer it, but normally, they don’t have early lap hours, so early morning swims are out.

So this week, I was excited!  It was a change in my routine, and the outdoor pool doesn’t really have a locker room where I can get ready for work, so it meant going home after swim instead of straight to work, but that’s okay!

I misjudged the traffic and got to the pool about 10 minutes before the 6am opening.  Not a big deal.  But then there’s no movement inside.  6:00 hits.  Nothing.  I think maybe they’re waiting til 6:15, when the attached indoor pool opens.  Nope.  So I go venturing over to the indoor pool building.  Nothing there, just a sign saying they’re closed with an arrow pointing to the outdoor pool entrance.  So I go back over. There’s another guy waiting there too.

Then I notice something.  There are PEOPLE IN THE POOL!  How did they get in?  I am smart, I can figure this out.

Turns out that the pool is open, but rather than open any of the entrances, one of the side gates is open and you can just walk in.  Awesome.  So I get my workout started about 30 minutes late.  At least there’s a lane available to share.

Then my lane partner leaves and this guy joins me and he hits me no less than 11 times during my workout.  Because he had to do this weird backstroke the whole time.  Jerk.

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