My favorite triathlon gear

As my race day is fast approaching, I’ve been working on my packing list, and while I will be sharing the ridiculousness of that in a future post, I thought I would share my current favorite gear and products that will be getting me through this race.

Coeur ShortsLike last year, this year I’m racing in a Coeur Sports kit.  I absolutely love my Coeur kits.  I wrote about them previously, but the tri shorts are phenomenal.  No seams to rub in awkward places and no super thick padding to make you feel like you’re running in a diaper.  For me, the fit of the kit is perfect – no awkward shifting and my shirt doesn’t ride up leaving me with the dreaded lower back sunburn tramp stamp.

ENELL_sportI am never getting away with a built in bra, so I wear an ENELL bra underneath.  I have been asked before if I have any issues with the ENELL not drying during a tri, and I haven’t noticed any issues, but during the last race I did, I was shoving ice into my bra, and the race before was during a rainstorm, so who knows.  But I also don’t feel like any parts of my kit truly dry during a race.  My ENELL is great because it keeps everything in place, and I love the shape.  (And there’s a new color coming out next month too!) My Coeur kit is racer back style, so while my ENELL shows, it doesn’t look terribly out of place.  I just always have to make sure that I’m coordinating my colors!

I can’t say I have a favorite pair of socks, but I’m a Hoka One One shoe fan through and through.  With Lock Laces for easy wearing.

TailwindNutrition and hydration wise, I started using Tailwind this season and am a huge fan.  I normally drink lemon lime, but am experimenting with some of the caffeinated flavors.  I discovered that on long rides, I need something solid as well, so my bento box holds a few whole wheat lemon bar cookies and some gummy candies.  Tailwind is my main fuel, the rest just sort of keeps me motivated.  Get to mile 20 and you can have some candy, get to mile 25 and you can have a cookie, etc.  I’m easily entertained.  I also use Base Electrolyte Salt.  I used to use salt capsules, but I like not having to swallow a pill while racing, and I like that taking a lick of salt from my thumb cuts the sweetness of the other things I’ve consumed during the ride/run.  Some people claim it’s overpriced and that salt from the grocery store works just as well.  All I know is that this works for me, and at the rate I use it, I can afford to splurge a little bit.

There’s plenty of other stuff I use on race day, but these are the big key elements and brands I recommend to friends.  Obviously, a bike is also hugely important, and while I love my Felts, the key on bikes is to get something in your price range that fits you.  Bike fit is so important and so painfully ignored by many.

I’m sure in a few months, I will have all sorts of new products to share with you, but this is what will get me through Augusta!



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