Wednesday Workout Recap

PixelAnarchy / Pixabay

PixelAnarchy / Pixabay

Taper week!  Eeek!

Monday – Easy 45 minute ride.

Tuesday – 2000m swim.  I mean, I guess this is taper, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it!

Wednesday – 4 mile run

Thursday – Structured swim workout.  Weirdly, I like the longer swims more than sets of drills.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 20 mile ride, 2 mile run

Sunday – 6 mile run

So that’s it.  The miles are in the bank and the race is coming up fast.  Here goes nothing!


Ride Report: Civil War Century

img_2966Last weekend, I did the Civil War Century metric distance.  Yes, it took me a full week to get this report up.  It’s been a busy week.  Anne suggested it to me, so it seemed like a good idea.  I needed to get in at least 60, and 60 miles on your own is decidedly no fun.  Doing it on a supported training ride is much better, and while I didn’t need more than 60, being trained for a longer ride never hurt anyone.

Here’s the description of the ride:

On this ride you get to look at the mountains, not climb them, as you meander along pleasant country roads through the lush rolling farmland of the Monocacy and Carroll Valleys to Gettysburg and back. As a bonus, you’ll cross or pass 4 covered bridges on this route while doing 2,625 feet of climbing.

That was pretty much all I knew.  Except that I didn’t really read any of the description except for the feet of climbing.  And the covered bridges.  Covered bridges are pretty fancy after all. So as the ride went along, I was pretty surprised we went into Pennsylvania.


Then I was surprised we were in Gettysburg.  I guess I was thinking Gettysburg the town, not that we would be riding through the actual park.  These advertisements are never right, after all.  I thought “We might go near Gettysburg (yes, I know this is in PA), but not actually into the park, right?”  Wrong.

img_2966 img_2960

This was my last long ride before Augusta and I had goals that I didn’t quite hit.  I was slower than I wanted, but it was an exceptionally hot day, and I finished feeling pretty okay, which is the most important part.  Also, there was ice cream at the finish, which made me feel even better.

However, I did see something that nightmares are made of and you should stop reading right here if you don’t want to hear about it and skip this paragraph by scrolling down to the bolded text.

So as I was riding along, minding my own business, I smelled something familiar.  Road kill.  One of the joys of growing up in the country, I guess.  Anyway, I started looking down, not wanting to ride over it.  And as I looked to my right, there it was.  The Nightmare Deer.  Apparently, a deer either drowned or died and then got caught up in the massive flooding we had recently.  And somehow, it managed to get wedged between the edge of a bridge and the guardrail.  With its head up, staring at the road.  Except that its eyes were long gone thanks to scavengers and there was some sort of… something… hanging out of its mouth.  NIGHTMARES.  It was horrifying.  Do not recommend.

Nightmare is over.

This was an exceptionally well organized ride and one super awesome thing was the sag wagons that could be called.  And on a hot day, they were needed.  The team manning the station was incredible.  We watched them take calls, radio out to drivers, and move their little magnets representing the drivers all over the course map.  Very cool.


I will definitely keep the Civil War Century on my list for future training.  Given the hills on the century, I think that’s out for good, but the metric was an absolutely fantastic ride.

And ice cream.


Wednesday Workout Recap

pen sitting on ring bound agenda

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

This week was crazy.  So busy.  I can’t believe that it started with Labor Day.  Wasn’t that like a month ago already?

Monday – Supposed to bike, but was exhausted from a lack of sleep and driving all day.  Took a rest day.

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim.  I was still super tired, so I didn’t put my all into this one.

Wednesday – Exhausted and headachey all day.  Opted to skip my 4 mile run in favor of getting tomorrow’s swim in with some quality.

Thursday – Overslept.  But woke feeling pretty awesome.  Since I couldn’t make swim in the morning anymore, I opted to just do Wednesday’s run.

Friday – Scheduled rest day became Thursday’s swim and it felt pretty great.  I clearly needed that mid-week rest to get me back on track.

Saturday – Civil War (Metric) Century ride.  This was great, but it got hot at the end.  I will do a full recap.  Super well organized ride.

Sunday – 12 mile run.  A bit slow because I was surprisingly sore from the ride, but I’ll take it.  My next long run will be in Augusta.  Yipes!

Officially in Taper

I thought this was a good visual of how I’m feeling right now. OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

This weekend was my last big workout weekend in my training for IM Augusta 70.3  I’m not sure I’m ready to be tapering.  Tapering means the race is soon!  I have so much to do before the race!

So of course, I’m making lists.  Lists upon lists upon lists.  Things I need to pack.  Things I need to do before I leave.  And of course, work is also crazy right now, so there are plenty of lists there.

One big thing I’m trying to do right now is not let other people’s stress get to me.  There’s a great Augusta Facebook group out there, and I appreciate all the tips, but I have to be careful to not let the stressed out people feed into my nerves.  I’m ready for this race.  I’ve done everything I need to do to get there.  And while it’s fine to be worried, I’m not going to let myself feel one ounce of concern for the people who didn’t bother to put in the work.  In triathlon, as in so many other things, you get out what you put in.  If you put in garbage, don’t be surprised when you don’t finish.

Of course, I have a bunch of taper workouts I still need to get done.  So I’ll just focus on that, on work, and on getting enough sleep and eating properly.  Race day is coming for me, and I will be ready.


Training for a 70.3 as a Slower Athlete

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

I’m not a fast triathlete.  I’ve never pretended to be.  If you follow me on Strava, you can see that for yourself (note that most of my treadmill workouts don’t make it onto Strava, so my running mileage appears low).  I’ve learned to be okay with this.  I would like to be faster, and I would especially like to be faster on my bike, but I am where I am, and that’s okay.  I joke that I like to get my money’s worth out of a course.

The downside to this?  Training takes forever.  Some of my mid-week workouts are done by time (mostly structured trainer rides), but most of my training is distance based.  While I’ve not looked into a time-based triathlon training schedule, years ago when I looked at marathon training plans that were based on time, I wouldn’t have hit 20 miles as my longest run.  (While I understand that there are questions about how much benefit comes from workouts exceeding a certain time, I can’t imagine going into a race and having to run two hours or more longer than I ever had before in my life.)

Now, my race is “only” a 70.3.  So I’m not looking at marathon distances.  But over the weekend, I realized just how much time I was spending working out and why I feel like I never have any free time on the weekends.  For the past few weeks, a typical schedule has been a 60 mile ride on Saturday followed by a 2 mile run, and then a 12 mile run on Sunday.

Depending on my pace and where I’m riding, that Saturday ride itself is going to take 4:15-4:30, plus a break mid-ride to refill my water bottles.  The two mile run, let’s say somewhere under 30 minutes.  Given where I typically ride, it’s a 30 minute drive each way (this weekend’s ride will be an hour away).  Plus there’s the loading and unloading.  So we’re easily looking at 6 hours for the workout.  Come home, unload, eat, shower, clean water bottles… it takes up a chunk of time.

Sunday tends to be easier.  12 miles is under 3 hours.  So not as terrible.  But I’ve still just spent around 9 hours of my weekend on workouts.

During the week, it’s 1-2 hours a day, with an occasional longer workout.  Not too terrible.

I’m not complaining.  I know plenty of people train much more than this.  And in terms of other responsibilities on the weekends, I have very few.  I have to feed the cats.  Pretty critical.  I need to keep up with my friendships, but if I’m not as social for the month or so leading up to a big race, that’s okay.  But I don’t have kids who need attention or a spouse who feels abandoned while I’m gone.  I don’t have roommates frustrated at my total lack of housework.

But if you’re a slower racer considering a 70.3, make sure you take a look at what you’re getting yourself into.  I have zero regrets.  Not a one.  But I don’t know that I fully visualized what my weekends would look like.  I definitely think that all the work has been worth it (I hope I’m still saying that come September 25), so I think that anyone interested should give it a shot, even if they’re a slower racer.  Just know what you’re getting into, make sure your friends and family know what you’re getting into, and try not to think about the dust accumulating on your furniture.  Because who wants to dust anyway?