Once again, back to reality

A weird old timey slide.

I found this slide while out on my run. It looks like it belongs in 1985.

This weekend, it was back to reality.  First weekend of normal training since Augusta 70.3.  At first, I thought I had a 12 mile run on the calendar, but was delighted to discover that it was only 8.  Of course, those 12s are coming up soon, with Space Coast on the horizon.  While that’s rarely a goal race for me just because the early morning humidity usually kicks my ass, I think this year, I’d like to really push it, see how strong I can run.  Of course, that means training.

I also decided to see what this Pokemon Go addiction is all about, so I had the app on while I ran.  I think I get it.  Collecting virtual creatures is strange, but also kind of fun.  And hey, if it motivates people to get out and get moving, I’m all for it.

I also had an almost two hour trainer ride on my schedule.  Yes, for the off-season.  I know that the place where I have the most room for improvement is on the bike, and so my goal is to pick up at least 1 mph on my average pace.  It helps that I really enjoy structured trainer rides, at least for now.  I can turn on the tv or listen to an audiobook or a podcast and just focus in on my workout.

This week, I’m back to normal Monday night choir rehearsals.  I didn’t sing our last concert because too many rehearsals conflicted with big 70.3 training days and I knew that I had to prioritize or I was going to burn out.  I’m definitely excited to go back, but I’m wondering how I’m going to make this all fit.  I leave for work at around 7am (usually a little earlier, as traffic has gotten heavier everywhere with all the construction on Metro) and on Monday nights, I won’t be getting home til about 10:30.  Tuesday nights are team swim (moved recently from Thursday), which means another late night where I’m out til about 9:30.  The big priorities are going to be making sure I get as much sleep as possible and don’t let my exhaustion mean I’m eating a bunch of junk.  For whatever reason, when I’m exhausted, I just want unhealthy snacks, which we all know aren’t going to help the tiredness.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

2 thoughts on “Once again, back to reality

  1. That does sound tough!! Can you devote an hour or two over the weekends to food prep/bulk cooking? I’ve found that really helps me when I know my week is going to be crazy – not having to cook saves so much time!! Good luck with it all. 🙂
    Becca recently posted…Route 66 Marathon Training – Week 7My Profile

  2. I’m so tired reading this! But you’re a champ. I’ve realized that I’ve triple and double booked both days for the next two weekends, so I’m a bit mad about myself for that, and Crawley isn’t going to be happy about all the alone time. And I have to figure out when to cook things for the blog and for real food. Remind me, is busy a good thing?
    Chrissy recently posted…Sunday SomethingsMy Profile

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