Wednesday Workout Recap

No excuses sign.

geralt / Pixabay

I always seem to struggle with the beginning of the week, then rock out the end of the week.  I need to work on this.  I think I just need to be better about prepping for the week on the weekend.

Monday – Rest day and late choir rehearsals.

Tuesday – Supposed to go to swim, but ended up watching the election results and not getting much sleep.

Wednesday – Bike ride and lifting.  I was so tired I gave up on the lifting about 5 minutes in because I was afraid I was going to hurt myself.

Thursday – Ab work and lifting.  Rocked this one.

Friday – Bike and lifting.

Saturday – 12 mile run.  It was definitely a weird run, but it went okay.  Pace was improved from last week.

Sunday – 2 hour trainer ride.

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