It’s Race Week Again!

space-coast-fwSurprise!  Race week is here.  On Sunday, I will be running the Space Coast Half Marathon.  Am I trained?  Well, sort of.  I did two twelve mile runs in preparation.  And not a lot else.  Well, I’ve been biking a lot and swimming a little bit. That’s got to count for something.

I’ll probably make it though.  The race has a 7 hour time limit.

I really like this race.  It’s the fourth year in a five year series, and I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to it being over or if I’ll be sad when it ends.  It’s pretty awesome to go down to Florida in November and hang out with a bunch of friends.  And the race course, while simple, is also a lot of fun.  It’s just an out and back along a really pretty route, and that means that I am pretty much guaranteed to see all my friends on the course, no matter if they’re ahead of me or behind me (let’s be honest – most of them are ahead of me).  Because the marathoners do a loop in a different direction first, I often see my faster friends as I near the end of my race too.  And watching other runners gives you something to look at as you make your way through the miles.

I also really love the post-race gathering.  At the finish, you get your medal and a towel, which is perfect.  You can use it to keep warm if it’s cool out or you can sit on it in the grass in the sun and eat your pancakes and eggs.  Yes, that’s right.  There’s a post-race breakfast.  There’s also usually pizza too.  All super healthy stuff.  And delicious.

I don’t know how this race will go for me.  Last year, I pushed too hard and hit a wall near the end.  My goal is to not do that this year and just run my own pace.  It’s very likely going to be humid during the first miles before the dampness burns off as the sun rises, so I should do my best to conserve energy there, then push through the finish.  But again, my training hasn’t been run focused, so anything can happen.

Either way, it’s guaranteed to be an awesome race and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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