A slightly delayed Wednesday Workout Recap

For whatever reason, this didn’t auto-post yesterday.  (And by whatever reason, I mean that I forgot to schedule it to post after I wrote it.)

After a busy December, January is about getting back to business.

Monday – Rest Day… this business thing is easy!

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim.  So many kick drills I thought my legs would fall off.

Wednesday – FTP test.  Remember when I thought my legs would fall off yesterday?  Now they really don’t work.

Thursday – I confused my Thursday and Friday workouts and opted to skip today because I was absolutely exhausted and thought my legs needed a day to recover.

Friday – 4 mile treadmill run.  This was rough, since my legs were still so tired.  I probably should have done more of a shakeout workout Thursday to help with recovery.

Saturday – 2 hour trainer ride.  I surprisingly don’t mind these.

Sunday – 8 mile run outside in the super cold weather.  It was incredibly slow because of the snow and ice, but it was nice to be outside in the clear, crisp weather.  A treadmill run would have been much more of a mental challenge.  Besides, once I’ve run 4 miles, I’m 4 miles from home, so I can’t quit very easily.

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