Wednesday Workout Recap

This was an interesting week.  Holiday on Monday, in the office on Tuesday, teleworking Wednesday and Thursday due to Inauguration traffic and roadblocks, then off Friday for the Inauguration.  That also made it pretty easy to get my workouts done.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim.  This workout didn’t seem hard while we were doing it, but my arms were dead when I tried to boost myself out of the pool.  I also made a point to shower at the pool after, rather than just go home and crawl into bed smelling of chlorine, knowing full well that since I was teleworking the next day, I wouldn’t be showering in the morning.

Wednesday – Trainer ride including yet another FTP test.  The best one I’ve done all month.  These things kick my ass though.

Thursday – 4 mile run.  This was rough, probably because of the FTP test.  Took over three miles before I really felt comfortable.

Friday – Easy 30 minute walk plus strength work.  I was supposed to have a massage, but it got cancelled last minute.

Saturday – Two hour trainer ride based on my FTP tests, plus strength work.  This workout was amazing.  It was hard, but I didn’t feel like I was dying until the very last bit, which seems perfect.

Sunday – Gorgeous 10 mile run.  This felt pretty darn awesome.  And the weather was just about perfect.

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