Thursday Workout Recap

Because I missed posting it yesterday. ¬†Whoops ūüôā

Monday РRest Day.  So good at these.

Tuesday – Two mile run, followed by Team Fight swim. ¬†These are supposed to be in the other order, but there’s nowhere for me to run after swim, plus it’s 9:00 at night and I just want to go home and sleep.

Wednesday – FTP test. ¬†I was DREADING this. ¬†And it went really well. ¬†Or really terribly, depending on how you view it. ¬†I went up by 11 watts. ¬†That’s awesome! ¬†Except it now means that all my FTP based workouts are going to get that much harder. ¬†So, improvement is good, but…

Thursday Р5 mile run on the schedule, but I was burnt out.  Did about 3.5 and stopped.

Friday Р2000m nonstop swim.  I probably should have pushed for a bit more speed here.  But I got the distance in.

Saturday – 8 mile run in the soupy air. ¬†It was only in the 70’s when I started, so I hoped that the run wouldn’t be too bad. ¬†Nope, I forgot about the 94% humidity.

Sunday – I had been sneezing much of Saturday (allergies) and that plus the humidity meant that I just couldn’t face an outdoor bike ride. ¬†So I pushed myself on the trainer for 2.5 hours. ¬†Outside would have been better, but I got in the time, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

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