October Mileage Update

Cadu helped me hand out candy last night. He didn’t eat as much as I did though.

Oh this one’s gonna hurt.

Though it helps that I’m writing it while eating Halloween candy and handing out candy to children.  These kids better hurry up or there will be no candy left for them.

Remember when I implied last month that October would be better?

I lied.

October Totals:
Swim: 0 miles
Bike: 92 miles
Run: 41 miles

That’s right.  A whopping zero miles at the pool.  Nice work, self.  I missed one swim because I was sick and two swims because I was out of town for family obligations, but I could have made things work a little better.  Oh, I also ran a stupidly hot race this month.  So I guess it wasn’t all bad.

My run mileage is picking up, which is good since I’ve got some half marathons on the schedule.  And I’m already working to recommit to my schedule.  Knowing that I wouldn’t get in a quality workout on Halloween night thanks to the doorbell constantly ringing, I swapped rest days, so I got in that workout on Monday.  Here’s to getting back to it.

2017 Totals
Swim: 42.6 miles
Bike:1739 miles
Run: 427 miles

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