2017 Mileage Totals

ImageParty / Pixabay

Well, the year has come and gone, and I managed to track all of my mileage.  I’m really in love with Strava – I love all the stats that come with it.  Years ago, I used DailyMile, and I appreciated the social aspects, but I don’t need a purely social tracker.  However, with Strava, I get all sorts of great data and tracking PLUS the social aspects.  Let’s be honest – social pressure does help keep some of us motivated.

The bigger thing Strava showed me was the amount of time I spent working out this year – 279 hours – over 11 and a half days!

December Totals
Swim: 3.2 miles
Bike: 191 miles
Run: 3.2 miles

Yeah, that run mileage is low.  I didn’t talk about it much, but I’ve been battling something in my left hip/glute/hamstring/quad since before Space Coast.  I had issues with my 6 mile run before the race, then the race went fine til I screwed up my right soleus.  So I had to give that time to heal – and then when I tried to get back to running, my left leg started giving me trouble again.  It’s been incredibly frustrating, and a whirlwind of emotions.  I started to worry that maybe I had a stress fracture in my hip.  Given how things are going, I’m thinking it’s probably hamstring, but I’m not taking this mildly.  I’ve been going to physical therapy, and I’m also going to see an orthopedist, just to be sure this isn’t something more.  But things are looking up.  (At least today – I’ll probably have another meltdown that I’m broken in the next week or so.)

2017 Totals
Swim: 46.8 miles
Bike: 2059 miles
Run: 478.2 miles

So I didn’t make my run goal this year – and I admit, it kills me to be less than 25 miles short.  But stepping back was the smart move.  It’s better to be healthy than to make some arbitrary goal.