February/March Mileage Update

I didn’t bother with a mileage update for February because, well, it wasn’t much.  So since February and March were big recovery months, I decided to lump them together.

I’m still not running, but doing plenty of walking.  I haven’t been tracking that mileage at this point, but I’ve been doing lots of 3-6 mile walks on the treadmill over the past few weeks.  I don’t have any pain while walking, so I’m pleased with how my hip is doing.

As to the recovery from surgery, things are good.  My abs are still ridiculously weak as compared to where they were, and my endurance isn’t where it was, but I’m certainly improving every day.

So on to the numbers.

Swim – 4.1 miles
Bike – 263 miles
Run –  1 mile

So you can see where I tested my hip in early February.  It certainly wasn’t ready for me to be running quite yet.  So that’s out.

Most of my swim miles also came in February, since I wasn’t allowed to swim for most of March thanks to surgery.  I got back in the pool last week and it felt great, but just 1200m felt like miles.  I’m sure that will come back fast.  I just have to keep showing up.

Clearly, biking has been where it’s at.  It’s the one thing I can do.  Obviously, with the hip injury and surgery, I’ve lost some strength there as well.  Over the weekend, I did an FTP test, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  (Well, the test itself was horrible, because that’s part of how they work.)  But I’m down about 8 watts from my last test in October, which isn’t too bad.  Of course, I had lost a few watts at that point too, so I think I’m ultimately down about 13 watts from my high.  Still not terrible at all.  And some of that will come back as my endurance returns.

So if all goes as planned, I should see a steady increase in the below numbers over the next few months.  Maybe not the run – still holding off on that one – but the others should climb as I get back to regular training.

2018 Totals
Swim – 10.3 miles
Bike – 433 miles
Run – 4 miles

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