cat swimmingI don’t want to jinx anything, but I think my energy levels are just about back to normal.  My doctor told me it would be about 2-3 months, and I’m almost 8 weeks out from surgery (I can’t believe it’s only been 8 weeks – feels like forever), so it would make sense that I’m nearing normal.

I’m still training while listening to my body, but I’m definitely pushing myself harder and not letting myself out of workouts just because “I don’t wanna.”  For whatever reason, my most dreaded workout is the swim.  I don’t know why – once I’m in the pool, I enjoy the swim and feel great afterwards.  I suspect it’s the logistics.  I have to pack a bag, drive to the pool, hope I get a lane, etc.  Running (well, walking) and biking are much easier.  And if I’m swimming during the week, it’s an even bigger production.  Pack a bag, making sure I have work clothes.  Leap out of bed (no snooze button), race to the pool, wait for the swim team to get out of the pool at 6am and hop in.  Swim for an hour, then rush to get ready and race (aka sit in traffic) to work, where I’m hopefully only an hour later than normal.

I still haven’t been running, but my PT exercises have been stepped up significantly, which has been a huge boost.  I am still demonstrably weaker on my left side, which I take great delight in, as it means there’s still room for improvement.  I’ve been doing a lot of exercises with elastic bands, and those things are no joke.  I have a set of 5 bands, and I’m doing most of my exercises with bands 2 and 4.  Band 5 is still in its package because it scares me.

I’ve said all along that I’m going to commit to a training plan again in May to get myself ready for my triathlon in July.  I’m still not sure if I’m going to be running or walking the 10k (hopefully a combination of the two, even if I can only run for a mile).  But I’m excited to get back to racing again.  I miss it!

By Megan

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  1. I dread swimming these days. As of July 9 I believe I will be a duathlete moving forward. I just have ZERO motivation to get in the pool, even once I’m in.

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