May Mileage Update

Well, I actually have some run miles to report this month!  Admittedly, I’m not doing much running, less than three minutes of running for a 45 minute workout, but I’m still counting it as a run, because it’s training towards Rev3 Williamsburg.  I’m going to have to up those numbers though, since I didn’t even run a full 10k this month total.

May Totals
Swim – 5.4 miles
Bike – 146 miles
Run – 5 miles

With two separate weekends out of town, those numbers aren’t so bad.  I formally started training again this month, so I’m actually dragging myself to the pool on a regular basis.  I don’t mind swimming.  I end up enjoying the workouts.  I just dislike going to the pool.  It feels like such a process.  I think it’s because I’m spoiled, being able to do all of my other workouts at home.  Tragically, I don’t have a lap pool in my yard (nor is there actually room for a lap pool in my yard).

Recovery is still going well.  I’m doing weekly PT sessions, plus daily PT exercises at home.  I’m really lucky that my insurance covers my PT sessions.  The copay is a small price to pay for the benefits I’m getting (even when those benefits involve sticking needles into my hip).

I’m also stepping up my at home strength work in addition to my PT exercises.  I know that strength training and regular stretching is key to preventing injury, and yet I’m often terrible about doing it.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, as this is not a new issue for me.

Here’s to a month of solid training leading up to my first triathlon of the year.  Yay!

Year To Date
Swim – 19.2 miles
Bike – 796 miles
Run – 9 miles

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