September Mileage Update

September was an amazing month mileage wise.  So much so that I even went back and double checked the numbers.  This was a pretty big month, training wise.  Not only was I pushing towards Giant Acorn, but I also needed to get my mileage up for this weekend’s Army Ten Miler.

I can’t say that I felt like I was putting in a lot of miles. I was just making sure to put in the time and get in my workouts.  Clearly those small things add up.

September Totals:
Swim – 8.3 miles
Bike – 124 miles
Run – 63 miles

63 miles on the run!  That’s insane!  That’s higher mileage than I’ve had in so long.  I used to aim for 50 mile months, so 63 miles feels crazy.  I did go through a bit of a struggle where my quad started to knot up again, but that has been pretty easily resolved with some regular work on the foam roller.  Almost every day, I spend about 20-30 minutes on the foam roller, focusing only on my lower body and mainly on my left side.  It’s my excuse to play on my phone.

2018 Totals:
Swim – 48.3 miles
Bike – 1313 miles
Run – 155 miles

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