Wednesday Workout Recap

This is apparently a germ. I kind of love him and his unibrow. Or her.  I’m not sure if germs have gender. OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay

So this workout recap is a laugh.  Last week, I managed to get in exactly two workouts, and exactly zero of them were part of my training plan.  On Thursday and Sunday, I got on my bike and rode for an hour.  Yep, that’s it.  The joys of having a cold.  I’ve been a total slug.

(There is some similarity here with a slug trail and the trail of tissues I leave behind me, but we won’t go into great detail.)

Yes, Mom, I talked to the doctor’s office (my doctor’s office has an APP – the future is awesome!) and this is normal for the stupid cold going around.

I’m slowly easing back in this week, though the cough will likely linger for a while, much to the chagrin of all of my coworkers who have to deal with me throughout the day.  Either way, I have to get back to running.  Race season is starting!


“If I had a million dollars…”

scrooge-mcduckOkay, so a million dollars really isn’t that much, but it’s a catchy Barenaked Ladies song, so it becomes today’s post title.

I’ve been super busy lately and find myself thinking “Man, if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire someone to cook and clean for me.”  Because these are things that fall by the wayside.  I’ve become a pretty proficient lazy chef and can whip up a fast, healthy meal, but my meals get pretty repetitive.  And we won’t talk about the cleaning.  My kitchen is always clean, though often cluttered.  I can’t handle when things get gross.  But dust… well, that happens.  And fur tumbleweeds too.  I don’t understand how two cats can create so much fur.

But then I started wondering what else I would buy if I won the lottery.  Let’s assume it’s a small win, not enough for me to quit my job, but to make some quality purchases.  I’d do the boring stuff like pay off my car, of course.  And have some stuff done to the house.  I think every homeowner has a list of upgrades for “when I have money.”

I’d definitely upgrade my wardrobe.  But I hate clothes shopping, so I’d have a personal shopper do that for me.  Seems much easier.

And let’s be honest, I’d probably end up buying a super fancy bike and all sorts of super fancy accessories.  Maybe I’d buy a small SUV to fit a couple of bikes in as well.  Bike transport is important, after all.

If you had a sudden lottery win, what would you buy?

Catching Up

This has been a busy week.  Well, a busy week plus.

I love my job, but we’ve been insanely busy.  Without going into too much detail, our department workload has increased, plus we’ve gone from 3 people to 2 on our project team, so I’m at about 175% of normal workload right now.  It’s exhausting!  I have a very understanding boss, but at the same time, we have to get everything done, so it’s been a lot of hours in the office.

I’ve been trying to keep up with  my training, but on Wednesday night, for example, I got out of the office about 2 hours late and was just exhausted, so I had drinks and pizza with a friend and called it a night.  I think I needed that mental break, to be honest.

This weekend should help.  I’m not bringing work home (because I will likely have to the next few weekends), and I plan to sleep in.  And, of course, get my house into shape for my brother and sister-in-law’s visit next weekend.  I’m pretty sure my brother won’t notice the fur tumbleweeds in my house, but my SIL will, and while she probably won’t judge me, since they’ve never seen my house, I should get it in order.  Plus I have to finish assembling their bed.  IKEA furniture is no joke!

I also got my fabulous Team Coeur kit, and need to get pictures taken for that.  Because what everyone loves is putting on spandex and pulling out a camera.  Maybe this will convince me to stop eating peanut butter and chocolate chips for dinner (what, I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store!).


Link Roundup

Ha! Links! I crack myself up. ImageParty / Pixabay

Some bloggers do regular link roundups.  I… don’t.  But I do bookmark interesting things to share at some date.  So these are some things I found interesting or entertaining over the past few months.

Some race stuff:

Some stuff for your heart:

Things that are emotional and awesome:

The funny:

And the recipes I plan to try:



Things that cause confusion in airport security

Unsplash / Pixabay

Just a quick update today.  It’s been a whirlwind few days with a lot of travel, a lot of eating, a lot of time with family and friends, and zero workouts.

I learned a few entertaining things while traveling.  I’ve taken four flights over the past ten days or so, and here are some items that cause confusion going through security.

  • Gingerbread cookie mix (dry) – Flags as a biological agent
  • Reversible belt – Could be used to conceal a weapon (though I’m not sure how)
  • Tiny jewelry box – Scanner can’t see into it
  • Screw shaped hairpins – hair shouldn’t need screws to stay put (they haven’t seen my hair

I also watched a woman try to carry a tiny dog though in a baby carrier strapped to her chest, and a guy who didn’t understand why his giant cup of coffee was dangerous (Given this guy’s mood, I think not letting him have the coffee was more dangerous, but rules are rules.)