A surprise trip

This weekend, I flew home to St. Louis to surprise my dad for Father’s Day.  He’s hard to surprise, so I’m really impressed that we managed to pull this one off.  My mom knew I was coming – the plan was partially hers – but she had told a number of people, so I was worried that Dad would somehow find out.  Amazingly, he didn’t.  I was so sure that someone would let it slip, not realizing that it was a surprise.

Even though it was a short weekend, it was nice to have time at home with the family when nothing was really scheduled.  Even at Christmas, things were really busy with Christmas celebrations, and rehearsals for Mass, and my swearing in.  This time, it was just relaxing and fun. 

Conveniently, I even got an extra day there – I was at the airport sitting at the gate on Monday when they announced that the flight was cancelled.  By this point in time, my parents were already nearly home (a 45ish minute drive).  I called the airline and could still have made it home on Monday night, but there was a good chance that I would arrive in D.C. after the Metro had closed – and while I have good friends here, asking someone to pick me up after midnight on a Monday night seemed like a lot to ask.  I instead opted to take a flight late Tuesday morning. 

I hadn’t been back since Christmas, and hadn’t seen my grandparents since then either, so it was really a great trip.  It was fun to get to play with the dogs too.  I miss having dogs around, but my schedule doesn’t really allow for a dog right now. 

I won’t be back again til this Christmas (already booked my flights!), but I’ll see the family sporadically throughout the fall, mostly thanks to football.  Nothing like Notre Dame football to bring a family together.

This is the end of my traveling for a few months, thankfully.  I like being gone, but it’s so hard to get back to a routine once I get home!