Wednesday Workout Recap

I think it’s slowly starting to sink in that the off season is just about over.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Swim practice.  The good thing about the off season is that the pool is pretty darn empty.

Wednesday – Another FTP test.  I was dripping with sweat after this, and yet it still wasn’t my best.  It was definitely my best mid-week test though, so thumbs up for working out fatigued?

Thursday – 5 mile run

Friday – Easy walk plus some strength work

Saturday – 2 hour structured trainer ride.

Sunday – 6 mile run

Up next?  Race week.  Again.

Wednesday Workout Recap

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

This was a bit of a recovery week after my half marathon.  It’s also when I realized that I’m pretty much rolling right back into another half marathon in a few weeks.

Monday – Travel day and rest day.  It was lovely to wake up at the beach, but leaving was very sad.

Tuesday – Scheduled swim, did a 60 minute easy bike instead.  I got a new roof put on the house today and I think the cats were traumatized by the noise.  When I got home, they were hiding rather than greeting me at the door, so I opted to stay home with them.  Spoiled rotten creatures.

Wednesday – High cadence 60 minute ride

Thursday – 4 mile easy run

Friday – 45 minute walk and strength work

Saturday – 2 hour trainer ride and strength work

Sunday – 6 mile run

Wednesday Workout Recap

sleeping fox

Shingo_Nono / Pixabay

Last week wasn’t much better than the week before.  Don’t I realize I have a race this weekend?  Whatever, maybe it’s a two week taper… three week taper.  Something.

Monday – Choir rehearsals.  I’ve figured a way to get in good balance between late rehearsals and work the next day by shifting my schedule around a bit.  So far, so good.  Sleep is a pretty awesome thing.

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim

Wednesday – Another freaking FTP test.  Might die.  But probably not.

Thursday – Stuck at work late, opted to push workout to Friday.

Friday – LOL, no.

Saturday – 2 hour structured trainer ride.

Sunday – Coeur Century swim.

You know what’s missing from that week?  Running.  You know what I’m doing this weekend?  Running a half marathon.  This will go very well or very very poorly.

Wednesday Workout Recap

This was pretty much my method for getting over my cold – and it seems to have worked.
Mysticsartdesign / Pixabay

This week could have been better. I blame people who work at my office.  By Tuesday, it was clear that I was coming down with a cold, so I decided to not go to swim practice, in the hopes that added rest would kick whatever was coming.  I also started taking Zinc and Vitamin C.  I was pretty tired for the rest of the week, and can’t tell you if I was just fighting something off or just being lazy, but I decided to go with it and basically missed all of my weekday workouts.

Saturday – So by the time my Saturday workout came around, I was feeling pretty darn rested!  Who knew!  Two hours on the trainer today, not structured, just an endurance workout.  I found a pretty good groove and it felt great.

Sunday – 11 mile run, my last long run before Donna.  This went spectacularly.  I’m not sure if that’s due to the week off or if it was just awesome conditions, but it was an awesome run and I hope that race day can somewhat approximate it.

My throat is still a little scratchy, but I’m honestly hoping that’s simply due to the super low humidity in the office.  I’ve got the humidifier up and running and I’m hoping for the best.

Wednesday Workout Recap

This was an interesting week.  Holiday on Monday, in the office on Tuesday, teleworking Wednesday and Thursday due to Inauguration traffic and roadblocks, then off Friday for the Inauguration.  That also made it pretty easy to get my workouts done.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim.  This workout didn’t seem hard while we were doing it, but my arms were dead when I tried to boost myself out of the pool.  I also made a point to shower at the pool after, rather than just go home and crawl into bed smelling of chlorine, knowing full well that since I was teleworking the next day, I wouldn’t be showering in the morning.

Wednesday – Trainer ride including yet another FTP test.  The best one I’ve done all month.  These things kick my ass though.

Thursday – 4 mile run.  This was rough, probably because of the FTP test.  Took over three miles before I really felt comfortable.

Friday – Easy 30 minute walk plus strength work.  I was supposed to have a massage, but it got cancelled last minute.

Saturday – Two hour trainer ride based on my FTP tests, plus strength work.  This workout was amazing.  It was hard, but I didn’t feel like I was dying until the very last bit, which seems perfect.

Sunday – Gorgeous 10 mile run.  This felt pretty darn awesome.  And the weather was just about perfect.