Rambling Weekend Update

Cadu the cat with greenery

Someone was displeased about the removal of Christmas. Mostly because he likes to sleep under the tree.

Over the weekend, I successfully de-Christmassed my house.  Yes, I waited until this past weekend to do it.  And yes, I do put my tree up early.  If I’m going to do all that work, I’m going to enjoy it for a good long time.  Plus a long weekend is the perfect time to get it done.  Plenty of time to get everything packed away and get in all my workouts and have time for fun.  Or sitting on the couch.  Or both!

I’m not sure my brain is ready to be back in full training mode.  This weekend involved two hours on the trainer, a 9 mile run, and some strength work.  Since it gets dark so early, it always feels like the day gets away from me.  Not that I’m working out in the evening on the weekends, but the days do feel so much shorter with less daylight.  I’m sure it will become the norm soon enough.  Plus it will be nice when I can get started on my long runs earlier.  This weekend, I waited until it had warmed up a bit.  Way better than last weekend, but still kind of chilly.

This week is going to be interesting.  Holiday yesterday.  In the office today for some meetings.  And then Wednesday and Thursday, we’re on telework because my office is inside of the security perimeter for the Inauguration and they’re like “Yeah, you can do your job at home.  Don’t come in.”  And then Friday, we’re off for the Inauguration (because the government wants to limit the people coming into the city – this is how Inauguration works every 4 years, not just for this particular event).

Not that I would be anywhere near Inauguration anyway.  This isn’t a political statement.  I didn’t go to either of Obama’s Inaugurations either.  I don’t like massive crowds, and have you experienced DC weather in January?  I would much prefer to be… well, just about anywhere else.  So during Inauguration, I will be getting a deep tissue massage.  Hurts so good.

A Message on the Observance of Memorial Day

Robzor / Pixabay

Memorial Day.  The official first day of summer for so many of us.  But today, take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday.

Memorial Day is a time to take stock of the present, reflect on the past, and renew our commitment to the future of America.

Today, as in the past, there are problems that must be solved and challenges that must be met. We can tackle them with our full strength and creativity only because we are free to work them out in our own way. We owe this freedom of choice and action to those men and women in uniform who have served this nation and its interests in time of need. In particular, we are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.

I don’t have to tell you how fragile this precious gift of freedom is. Every time we hear, watch, or read the news, we are reminded that liberty is a rare commodity in this world.

This Memorial Day of 1983, we honor those brave Americans who died in the service of their country. I think an ancient scholar put it well when he wrote: “Let us now praise famous men . . . All these were honored in their generation, and were the glory of their times. Their bodies are buried in peace; but their name liveth for evermore.” As a tribute to their sacrifice, let us renew our resolve to remain strong enough to deter aggression, wise enough to preserve and protect our freedom, and thoughtful enough to promote lasting peace throughout the world.

Ronald Reagan, May 26, 1983 (Source)


Looking Good During a Workout

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Sweaty Betty.

I will admit it. I like to look cute when I workout. There, I said it.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be doing my hair all fancy or putting on makeup before I go for a run. That’s just ridiculous. But I do make sure that my hair isn’t sticking out at any stupid angles.

(Note – this is all about how I look when I start the workout. It is a guarantee that after a workout, my hair is going to be sticking up at all sorts of stupid angles.)

So it’s no surprise that I like really cute workout gear. I have to admit, I’ve become one of those people who is often in workout gear during non-workout situations. So what if I don’t do a lot of yoga? Doesn’t mean I can’t wear cute yoga clothes. I may have even gotten away with wearing yoga pants to work. But in my defense, it was a casual day before a holiday and they weren’t obviously yoga pants… okay, there is no defense. But I just don’t care.

On the weekends, you’ll often find me in a pair of jeans or a tech skirt paired with a running shirt. More often than not, the shirt is from a race, as I own way too many race shirts. But I’ve been trying to branch out and have bought a number of nice workout shirts for races (and for everyday wear).

Of course, it can’t just be cute. It also has to be functional. Just because a sports bra comes in fabulous colors doesn’t mean it’s going to keep the girls in place for a workout. And that shirt had better be wicking, because I’m not one of those girls who just glistens when she works out. I full on sweat and there is nothing worse than a sodden cotton shirt.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of backlash against the idea of looking good while you workout. And I admit, when I’m biking up a tough hill, I’m certainly not looking stereotypically “good.” I’m sweating and red and huffing and puffing. But when I make it to the top of that hill, I certainly feel fabulous. I’m not worried about how I look during that ride or after. However, there is an added bit of self confidence in knowing that I look good before I start a workout. If I’m self-conscious about how I look in my gear, I’m not going to have as good of a workout. Or worse, I might not even show up.

Sure, I shouldn’t care. But telling yourself how to feel doesn’t ever change how you feel. If it worked, we would all feel awesome all of the time.

Who am I trying to impress? No one. But I don’t even like running alone on my treadmill in just a sports bra and shorts. Who’s going to see me? Just the cats. But I don’t like the way my pale belly looks, so instead of rocking out the workout, I’m going to be thinking about how I look.

Is that crazy? Yes.

Now, I’m not saying that you should have to look good for a workout. But you should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. I know that I feel best when I feel like I look good, be that in heels and a fabulous dress at work or a great workout outfit while on a run. And it’s hard to describe, but I don’t do it for other people. I like to look good for me.

But it’s also fun to look back at race pictures and think I look fabulous.

Sweaty Betty is an awesome company that I recently discovered, and I love reading through their catalog. I’m currently lusting after their protector run jacket. They’ve got lots of fun gear and more excitingly, an inspiration page so you can get ideas of what to wear. Get that wishlist started!


Thanks to Sweaty Betty for sponsoring this post.