I think I have the plague.

Ok, it’s not really the plague.  The plague would be worse. 

But this is not fun.  I have been sick for three straight weeks with head and chest congestion, a super sweet cough, and general fatigue.

(Yes, the men have been flocking to me lately, obviously.)

Before you ask, I’ve been to the doctor not once but twice.  The first time, I was given an armload of drugs and sent on my way.  I have improved muchly since then.  The second doctor told me that I’m on my way to recovery and that my vitals look good, but I can expect the symptoms to last another 8-10 days.

That will make it an entire month of plague.  Ugh.

I’ve watched a lot of movies in this month, since I have no energy to do anything else.  I also discovered the wonder of Comcast’s On Demand.  I haven’t been running whatsoever and am pretty sure I’m going to have to pick up a beginner’s training plan for all the strength and stamina that I’ve lost.  I tried to workout last night and managed about 10 minutes before I thought I might collapse.

Yep.  I’m hot.  Who wants to hang out and get germy?

A surprise trip

This weekend, I flew home to St. Louis to surprise my dad for Father’s Day.  He’s hard to surprise, so I’m really impressed that we managed to pull this one off.  My mom knew I was coming – the plan was partially hers – but she had told a number of people, so I was worried that Dad would somehow find out.  Amazingly, he didn’t.  I was so sure that someone would let it slip, not realizing that it was a surprise.

Even though it was a short weekend, it was nice to have time at home with the family when nothing was really scheduled.  Even at Christmas, things were really busy with Christmas celebrations, and rehearsals for Mass, and my swearing in.  This time, it was just relaxing and fun. 

Conveniently, I even got an extra day there – I was at the airport sitting at the gate on Monday when they announced that the flight was cancelled.  By this point in time, my parents were already nearly home (a 45ish minute drive).  I called the airline and could still have made it home on Monday night, but there was a good chance that I would arrive in D.C. after the Metro had closed – and while I have good friends here, asking someone to pick me up after midnight on a Monday night seemed like a lot to ask.  I instead opted to take a flight late Tuesday morning. 

I hadn’t been back since Christmas, and hadn’t seen my grandparents since then either, so it was really a great trip.  It was fun to get to play with the dogs too.  I miss having dogs around, but my schedule doesn’t really allow for a dog right now. 

I won’t be back again til this Christmas (already booked my flights!), but I’ll see the family sporadically throughout the fall, mostly thanks to football.  Nothing like Notre Dame football to bring a family together.

This is the end of my traveling for a few months, thankfully.  I like being gone, but it’s so hard to get back to a routine once I get home!

Back to the Future!

This weekend, I watched all three of the Back to the Future movies.  I think my favorite still might be the third one.  Why?  There’s adventure, romance, cowboys, horses, and a flying train.  How could it not be an amazing movie?

What amused me the most, I think, was the second movie and its perception of the future.  The “future” was supposed to be the year 2015, which, in the late 80’s, seemed so incredibly far in the future.  I was going to be so much older by 2015! 

Well, 2015 is not so far away, and I think that technology has a long way to go if we want to be where Back to the Future thought we would be.  Though in some cases, we’re beyond that point already (the presence of pay phones all over the place and the old-school printer styles, for example).   

Some things they got right.  Not every home has a thumbprint lock on the front door, but the technology is available. 

But we still don’t have flying cars.  Or hoverboards.  Or hover anythings.  My house doesn’t greet me when I come home.  I can’t demand fruit from the ceiling.  Food is not dehydrated and then rehydrated in seconds for dinner.    We’re nowhere hear Jaws 19 (thankfully). 

Some things are possible though.  Most people don’t use video phones.  But the technology exists, and is becoming more popular with the use of webcams.  So who knows, in the next seven years, maybe that will be the norm.

I don’t know that we’ll have flying cars in 7 years though.  Sad.


Disney recap

I think I have finally recovered from vacation.  At least enough to write about vacation and post a few pictures.

The first part of my trip was at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  I love that place.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there, but it really never gets old.  We went during the Flower and Garden Festival, which meant lots of Disney topiaries.




But of course, it also meant lots of great traditional Disney sights as well.  The weather wasn’t quite perfect – it rained a bit just about every day, but that kept temperature and the crowds down a bit.  I can’t say that the rain ever ruined part of the day.  Plus it was funny to see all those kids in plastic covered strollers.  I understand the practicality and necessity, but the kids just looked like they were being wheeled around in little boxes.

We ate at a bunch of great restaurants, but one big favorite was Raglan Road, a little Irish Pub over near Pleasure Island.  So delicious.

Having been there makes me want to consider training for the Disney Marathon again.  Of course, I’ve not really been running much as of late, but I keep coming back to that marathon as one that I want to do “someday.”  I think we might be talking doing it in 2010.  Which is far away.  And yet I still should get out and start running again.

Cats hate fire alarms

Last week, I learned that I had better hope my apartment building never catches fire, because there is no way to get my cats out.

On Wednesday, maintenance was coming to mess with a few things, so I opted to work from home.  Admittedly, I also wanted to use my “lunch break” to get my laundry done, plus any day I don’t have to get dressed up and deal with the Metro is a good day.  Unbeknownst to me, there was a fire drill planned for that afternoon (apparently, a notice was placed under all the doors, but on my floor, the notices get dropped in front of the door, and as I was out of town, mine likely got picked up as trash). 

While it is good to know that my fire alarm is loud and piercing and will absolutely wake me up, it also freaks the cats out to no end.  Can’t say that I blame them.  Not knowing this was just a drill, I panicked and raced to get out the carrier and grab the cats.  Pippin was having nothing to do with getting in the crate and I still have the fairly impressive scratches to show for it.  Cadu managed to crawl into the box spring of my bed and hide, making it impossible for me to get him.  Finally, I just crossed my fingers that it was a false alarm and grabbed my purse to leave. 

As soon as I walked out the door, a neighbor told me that it was just a drill and that I should have been notified.  I was relieved, but I also wanted to punch my building managers for not posting signs about the alarm. 

I’m not sure what the solution is to this, on the off chance there is ever a fire in my building.  I live on the 14th floor, so I have to give myself time to get out, of course, and I would like to rescue the cats, but at this point, I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.