The Taylor fans come and the Taylor fans go

Well, as I have learned from yesterday’s post, the way to drive people to your blog is to talk about Taylor Hicks.  Don’t expect any of those readers to stick around, but thanks to everyone who commented.  And yes, I did delete a number of comments that were clearly designed to be inflammatory.  Mr. Hicks sure has an interesting following of lovers and haters, that’s for sure.  But hey, even the haters spread the word.

Still not quite recovered from my plague, which is disappointing.  But I guess when your sinuses are completely congested for weeks, it takes a while for all of that to clear out.  Which is exactly what’s happening, to everyone’s disgust.  I sound horrible, with all the coughing and nose blowing, but for the first time in weeks, I feel good!  No one believes it though.

I updated my running log yesterday and realized just how long it’s been since I’ve really been on a good run.  It’s disappointing.  I ran a ten mile race in April and now, I’m not sure I could run a mile without stopping.  I recently read something that indicated that if you take more than 4 weeks off from running, you should start from scratch, though you’ll find yourself improving faster than a real beginner would.  So that’s my plan.  I found a beginner running plan and I’m just going to work from there.  I figure if nothing else, maybe I can use this as a chance to work on my speed.  Yes, I ran a ten mile race earlier this year, but I was SLOW.  And this way, I hope to prevent any injuries. 

I’m planning to start this new running plan tomorrow.  Why tomorrow?  Because it’s supposed to rain tonight, and while I don’t mind running in the rain, it doesn’t seem the best way to usher in my return.

4 thoughts on “The Taylor fans come and the Taylor fans go

  1. I feel bad that I didn’t comment on the Taylor Hicks entry; however, since I’ve never watched a full episode of American Idol, I’d sadly have very little to offer.

    I hope you feel better real soon!

    Running in the rain always sucks. I don’t blame you at all…especially if you’re trying to feel better!

  2. Hey Megan –

    We’ll hang around and chat, if you want us to! Most people want nothing to do with us, after they get a taste of the craziness, that unfortunately follows us around!

    The trolls follow whenever they learn that something positive has been written about Taylor. They know that his fans will visit the site to say thank you to the author, and they arrive en masse with the degrading nasty remarks – which we’ve been programmed to try to ignore.

    It’s just about impossible, though, to overlook the slanderous lies and nasty comments they write about this genuinely decent guy.

    Some of these people are so miserable that it’s easier to just leave whatever blog or article that’s being “infected” before they ruin the person’s site – hoping that the author realizes what’s going on, and doesn’t believe the vitriol that they spew.

    These fan wars have been going on since TH won Idol in 2006. Why – people ask? The trolls insist that Taylor’s fans (the soul patrollers who used to post on the American Idol message boards during Season 5) were less than kind, when their favorite contestant (who they think should have beaten Taylor) was eliminated from the show, and that this misery they spread is meant more to hurt his fans, than it is to hurt Taylor. They say the Soul Patrol rubbed salt in the wounds at that time (two years ago!) and that this is payback! I wasn’t on those boards, so I can only repeat what’s been said. (Supposedly, it was a two-way verbal war that got personal and a vendetta against the Soul Patrol and Taylor Hicks was launched.)

    As ludicrous as this sounds, this is the reason behind the craziness, and the negative targeting of any positive reference to Taylor. Revenge is in full force. Any form of media – newspaper columns or articles, magazines, entertainment shows, radio shows, blogs, comments left at Amazon or any other distributor of Taylor’s music or his book. Anyplace at all, where Taylor’s name is mentioned – even when he’s participating in an event (auction, golf tournament, etc.) for any of the many charities he supports – the disparaging comments show up. He may be singing the National Anthem at a sporting event or be the half-time entertainment at a football game – as soon as it’s promoted, they try to find a way to make it a negative.

    And it is so-o difficult to not step in and and call them out on the lies – but this has gone on so long and has gotten even more out of control (the more positive things that are being written about TH – or the more recognition he’s being given – the more determined they are to bring him down) that trying to stop them doesn’t even seem worth the effort any more.

    Of course, Taylor seems to take all this in stride (however much he’s aware of?) He surrounds himself with long-time friends and family, when he tours, because he says they keep him grounded. He never speaks ill of anyone and always has a smile on his face. He never refuses an autograph and he works tirelessly for his charities. He’s got a terrific work ethic and the people who work with him (like his band or the bus driver or the body guard) only have wonderful things to say about his personality and his generosity.

    So, it’s a shame, that when someone like yourself, who didn’t know him at all, notices something about him, mentions it in a personal blog – gets innundated with comments that need to be moderated.

    Welcome to the Taylor Hicks’ fan world. It’s hard “work” to be in the Soul Patrol! But it’s so worth it! All it takes is one live performance or one meet and greet, or one report of Taylor spending time with a handicapped child, or going back and re-reading one of the blogs or posts written by people who had just about given up on life, for one reason or another, and who decided to give it one more try – because they heard Taylor sing “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

    There’s always something to look forward to when you’re following Taylor on his journey. The different music and musicians that we’ve been exposed to because of Taylor is mind-boggling. Real friendships have been forged, and people meet and travel together to his shows and events. They share voluminous amounts of pictures and video. So many of us have actually become computer literate, because of the efforts of on-line “teachers.” People have been positively touched in so many ways because of Taylor.

    So, Megan, I know a few of us will gladly come and visit occasionally, and you don’t even have to mention his name! LOL!

    By the way, how did you get to sing in the choir at the Capitol Fourth? Can you share your background in music? You’re also a runner! When do you find the time? What is your favorite type of music and who is your favorite artist? These are things we’d love to know about you.

    Will check in over the next couple of days.


  3. Not so easy to get rid of us, LOL. I thought I would comment on the running. I was competitive in college. I ran Cross Country and the 1500 for FSU. I have run a few marathons in my time but I am more of a middle distance runner. I am thinking about signing up for the Gasparilla race here in Tampa though. I am sure you know about It is a great resource. You are correct, if you haven’t run in a while it is best to start out slow. Once you get back into the swing of things be sure to include some fartlek and interval training. That will really help bring your time down. Also, singing while you are running is really good for air flow and increases your circulation. I would sing while running but I would probably kill all the dogs on my run. Good luck.

  4. Hey, there! I enjoyed reading your column yesterday and loved the comments you made about Taylor, but I love your blog too. It’s fun to connect with folks who do interesting things like singing in a choir for the 4th of July in DC on the Mall, or running in 10 mile races, or who have their own blog. I’m sure you do more than that, but I’m new here and am just learning about you and the folks who post here. I, too, am starting a beginning running program, and I’m so sore and so exhausted. I really want to be able to do this, but I know it will be an amazingly difficult struggle for me for several reasons, but I found your effort inspiring. One of your posters mentioned “fartlek”, and since I don’t know what that is, I’m sure I will look it up and learn something new today that could help me. Congratulations on your singing gig at the Capitol, hope you feel much better very soon, and good luck with the running. Put some Taylor music in your ipod as you go, too, and I bet it will make the running more fun. I know it is helping me. Wishing you well!

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