More Olympics, Please

I have been obsessively watching the Olympics.  Even the sports I didn’t think I cared about.  I don’t know if the NBC commentators have been throwing in subliminal messages or I’m just enjoying the actual sport.  But seriously, weight lifting?  That shouldn’t be interesting to watch.  And yet, I’m hooked.  I watched the marathon yesterday.  Marathon.  People running.  Sure, they cut in with other sports, but it was mostly a lot of running.  By the end, I was cheering for the woman in the lead to not fall and end up losing.   Did I know anything about this woman before the race started?  No.  She’s from Romania, not a country I usually find myself cheering for (though apparently, she lives in Colorado).  And yet, I had to cheer.

Of course, I’m also watching swimming and gymnastics and diving, sports I always love watching.

Which reminds me – has anyone heard anything about Rhythmic Gymnastics this year?  I feel like we used to see that on tv at least occasionally.  Does the sport even still exist?

I am also a little concerned with how China trains their athletes.  It sounds like kids are shipped off to training camps by the government and don’t get to see their parents.  I was saddened to hear that a number of athletes didn’t even have their parents at the games because they couldn’t afford to be there.

In non-Olympics talk, I’m almost done going back through my beginner running program.  Going back to a beginner program after being sick for so long was definitely the right plan.  It’s amazing how much I’ve progressed and how much easier it feels now.  I was really struggling when I first started back up.

Randomly, I think I bruised my thumbs assembling shelves the other day.  I think I should call in sick for a week so I can heal.  My job would totally go for that.

One thought on “More Olympics, Please

  1. I agree. I constantly find myself watching events just because they are the Olympics.

    They do have Rhythmic Gymnastics, but it’s this coming week, starting on the 21st.

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