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Holidailies Prompt:  Tell us about unique/beloved holiday traditions in your part of the world.

I don’t really know that I live in an area with any sort of unique holiday traditions.  D.C. has a giant Christmas tree that is actually pretty gaudy if you take a good look at it.  It’s pretty from far away though.  I’ve been too lazy/busy to go see it this year, but I’m assuming each state also has a small tree surrounding the big tree, and that’s kind of a neat tradition.  Except that I haven’t bothered to see it yet.  We’ll just assume it continues to be a neat tradition.

I’m having trouble with just how quickly Christmas is coming this year.  My shopping is done, my wrapping is not.  This year, I was smart and shipped all of my gifts directly to my parents’ house so that I didn’t have to deal with packing them in my suitcase.  Of course, even then, I couldn’t wrap the presents, as airport security has every right to unwrap a package during inspection.  Mom promised to save me some wrapping paper, which is always a challenge, as part of her personal tradition is to wrap everything.  Don’t tell Mom you need soap or deodorant before Christmas.  It will get wrapped and put under the tree. 

I sort of feel like I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the season, and I’m not sure why.  I think things have just been a little bit too busy and a little bit too stressful for me to have the chance to sit back and enjoy.  This weekend is filled with holiday concerts, which might help with the seasonal sprit, but that means that next week is a mess of cleaning and getting ready to fly home on Friday and putting out fires at work.  It’s just hectic.  I’m sure that being at my parents’ house will help, especially since it looks like Christmas threw up there.  Plus I’ll finally get a chance to relax, which I am very much looking forward to.

In non-holiday news, last night was the first meeting of our book club.  We read Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles.  It was interesting, but it was way too long for a book club book.  850+ pages.  Long.  And heavy.  Very few people in the book club actually finished the book.  Personally, I got 15 pages from the end and gave up.  I knew how it ended after all.

2 thoughts on “Not so traditional

  1. I know what you mean about the holidays rushing towards us… I got married in October and I feel like we’ve hardly recovered from that and suddenly it’s almost Christmas. Where the heck did November go?

  2. My mum does the same thing with the wrapping stuff – mostly underwear though. She’s convinced my brother won’t buy his own socks and underwear when he needs to, so he gets a years supply wrapped up at Christmas. I have to explain to people that it looks like we have a huge pile of presents, but half of its underwear.

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