It’s an addiction

I have a new running schedule that makes Friday a full on rest day and Saturday a cross training day.  I am going crazy.  I had today off and it looked so beautiful outside, but it’s a no run day so I refused to put my running shoes on, even though I really wanted to.

I think this means I have a problem.

I spent about two hours yesterday putting together a tentative running schedule to get me through the winter and spring racing season.  Yes, I said winter and spring.  I know it’s only July 3.  I told you.  I have a problem.  Of course, I also have a big race in March that I’m really excited about.  I have this tendency to run races, then take a whole month off – so I’m hoping that creating a detailed schedule will mean that I will stick to it and not be screwed and end up with an over-use injury.  Again.

So I’m ramping up slowly.  I’m probably putting in a 6 miler this weekend, and I would like to make my base Sunday run at least 6 miles, hopefully a bit more.  It doesn’t seem like much to runners, but it seems like a lot to me!  I’ve got a good 5 mile loop that I love, so I need to figure out a good way to extend that.

I’m exciting, right?