Christmas exhaustion

I got out of DC before the storm!  And then I got a panicked call from my pet sitter (who showed later that morning) because she couldn’t get my door unlocked.  I started to debate.  Did I give her the right keys?  What keys would I have given her?  It’s not like I have tons of sets of keys laying around.  But I know I checked them before I left.   I called our business office, got them to come over and unlock the door for her – but as they got there, she managed to make the key work.  No idea what happened there, but I bet the business office charges me for the “unlock.”

We definitely got snow here in the St. Louis area!  It’s been a beautiful White Christmas, but it’s kind of thrown off the typical plans.  Christmas Eve plans got pushed to today, and it’s weird, but when you always do things a certain way, it all starts to feel different.  Christmas Eve is held with the family.  We wander home exhausted and then get up for Christmas morning.    But I’m not complaining.  It’s still nice to be able to get together with everyone.  My grandparents are in their 80’s.  Grandpa will be 89 in a little over a week.  While his health is wonderful, we always try to take note of the fact that we’re still together.

I’m definitely enjoying my time off.  Not quite ready to go back to work, though it looks like DC missed that crazy storm.  Crossing my fingers that means that my Wednesday flight will be nice and smooth.  And on time.

Where is this mythical free time I hear so much about?

Victory! Thanks, Lis for
suggesting post-by-e-mail! It took a bit to get it figured out (and I
have no idea if I can actually use HTML in this post – but I’ll know
soon enough!) but it seems to be working now. This will make posting
so much easier.

I just hired someone to do a blog redesign, which I am absolutely
delighted about. I love her current portfolio and am excited to be a
part of it. Stay tuned.

This week is going to be tough in terms of sticking to my workout
schedule. Tonight, I’m singing a concert at Strathmore, a really nice
concert hall in Bethesda, so no time for a workout tonight. Tuesday
and Wednesday are “open,” but I leave at crazy o’clock in the morning
on Thursday to head to my parents house.

(Note to potential burglars – I have scary watch-cats. And more
importantly, a pet sitter staying with them. So the apartment will
not be empty. And I think she knows kung-fu.)

Before I leave, I have to pack and do laundry. Oh, and work. Can’t
forget that work thing. I’m thinking I’ll end up bagging Tuesday
night’s run and try to get in a couple of quality runs with my sister
and/or mom while I’m at their house. That gives me Tuesday to finish
up all the laundry and get started on the packing and Wednesday to get
everything finished. Plenty to do and not a lot of time to do it.
That seems to be how I prepare for every trip!

Here’s hoping the weather holds…

Week One – Ow.

This week, I started using ChaLEAN Extreme.  Let me start this week one review by saying that unlike a lot of the other bloggers out there writing about the program, I’m not a BeachBody coach.  That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with those blogs – I just want to make it clear that I’m really not trying to sell you on anything.

So a brief overview.  A lot of people call this P90X Lite.  I’m not sure that’s an accurate description, but it is intense.  The program consists of three phases, one month for each phase.  I’m in the first phase – Burn.  I do three different weights workouts a week, plus two of the program’s cardio workouts.  I’m also trying to train for a half marathon at the end of February, so I’m also trying to run three times a week.  Sound like a lot?  It is, so I’m letting some of the workouts slide a bit.  I insist on getting in the three weights workouts and my long run, but sometimes I’m missing a cardio workout, typically a CE cardio workout.  Gotta get in those training runs!

The thing that this program emphasizes is slowly lifting heavy weights.  In the first phase, the goal is to do between 10 and 12 reps.  That doesn’t seem like much.  Until you try it.  You can do this with either bands or dumbbells – I use the latter.    I’m still trying to figure out what weight works best for me, but I can guarantee that it’s a good workout.  I get up at 5am to lift and I’m sore by the end of the day.

The best thing?  The time!  With the exception of the days when you combine workouts (doing cardio and yoga, for example), no workout is over 40 minutes.  And even the combined workouts are under an hour.  I love the idea of P90X, but I know that I don’t have the time for it.  With this workout, I can get up early, grab my weights, and get in a workout before work, then still have my evenings for running or resting.

So week one is done.  And so far, I like the program.  It’s intense, but not annoying.  The workout lengths are good.  After today’s 8 mile run though, I am SORE.  I’m hoping to keep up the plan next week, but with travel and the holidays, it might not happen – at which point, I’ll just repeat week 2.  I’m really excited about CE and hope that I see even a fraction of a results that they advertise.  Either way, I know that I need to do strength training, and that’s something I often fall behind on.  This is good for me.  And it feels pretty good too.


Yeah, so Holidailies isn’t going to happen after all.  Just didn’t have the time to get it all in.  It’s frustrating to not be able to blog on my lunch break.  It’s allowed, as it’s our time, but I can’t access the blog from the office network.  Makes things difficult.

I’m trying to do a blog redesign and actually just bought a new template – but now the seller won’t respond.  So… I’m not sure what’s going on there.  It’s only been a few days and I hope I don’t have to initiate a PayPal dispute.  I already lost money buying jewelry from a friend who never delivered.  She’s down on her luck though, so oh well.  I still think it’s theft, but it’s the holidays.    And I waited more than 45 days to dispute via PayPal, so I can’t get my money back.  It’s kind of frustrating.  But lesson learned.

If anyone has a recommendation of someone who does great blog designs for WordPress, let me know!  I’m happy to pay a fair rate – design is something I have no skill with and I think those who are talented deserve to be compensated for their work.