Week in Review week… 6?

Missed a week somehow.  Didn’t get a whole lot of miles in last week, mostly thanks to the weather.  Went out and tried to do a solid 8 miler, but the weather sort of thwarted that one.  So just under ten miles last week.  Not great, seeing how close we are to the half-marathon.

This week’s looking better.  I got to the gym both Tuesday and Friday, so I’ve already got 8 miles under my belt in preparation for tomorrow’s 10 miler.

This coming week’s going to be interesting.  On Monday, we’re doing the final inspection of the house.  Haven’t seen it since the last, not so great inspection.  I’m hopeful, but nervous.  Based on the info I’ve gotten, they’re doing all the work correctly.  I’m just hoping that the information that we’ve received is truthful.  If all goes well, I close on the house on Friday.  Scary!