Home Gym?

Clearly I’ve not found my blogging groove.  But I have had a good running month so far.  My goal this year is to run 600 miles, which is 50 miles a month.  Given my racing schedule, that shouldn’t be a problem.  But unfortunately, I’ve been slacking.  Not this month though!  As soon as I finish today’s 9 miler (on the treadmill, sadly – stupid heatwave), I will have topped 50 miles for the month.  Of course, thanks to the previous months, I need to do around 57 miles for July through December to hit my goal of 600, but I’m pleased to be on the right track.

I bought a treadmill this month.  It was on super sale because it’s summer and people run outside.  I love it.  I love having it.  And it meant that I could cancel my gym membership as well.  For so many people, a treadmill becomes a coatrack or a place to pile things.  Some of my friends have made similar comments.  Given the miles that I ran on the treadmill at the gym over the past few years, I think it will get quite a bit of use.  Probably more than the gym did, even.  I don’t have to travel to the gym, so on those awful weather days, I can just get dressed and hop on the treadmill with no trouble.

I also bought a road bike yesterday!  I’ve wanted a bike for years, and I finally took the leap.  That was definitely an investment, and I hope that it’s something that I love.  I haven’t gotten a chance to take her out yet (see previously mentioned heat wave), but I’m hoping to get out for a few miles this afternoon and maybe a few more miles tomorrow with Laura.  I just have to do my best to not crash!  But I have a helmet, so I’ll be fine.  Went with platform pedals to start rather than clipless.  I want to get used to the bike first, then in a few months, switch to clipless.  Eventually, I’ll get a trainer for the winter, so there will be no excuse for not working out.

And now it’s time for a  9 miler on the treadmill.  Wish me luck.