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Clearly I’ve not found my blogging groove.  But I have had a good running month so far.  My goal this year is to run 600 miles, which is 50 miles a month.  Given my racing schedule, that shouldn’t be a problem.  But unfortunately, I’ve been slacking.  Not this month though!  As soon as I finish today’s 9 miler (on the treadmill, sadly – stupid heatwave), I will have topped 50 miles for the month.  Of course, thanks to the previous months, I need to do around 57 miles for July through December to hit my goal of 600, but I’m pleased to be on the right track.

I bought a treadmill this month.  It was on super sale because it’s summer and people run outside.  I love it.  I love having it.  And it meant that I could cancel my gym membership as well.  For so many people, a treadmill becomes a coatrack or a place to pile things.  Some of my friends have made similar comments.  Given the miles that I ran on the treadmill at the gym over the past few years, I think it will get quite a bit of use.  Probably more than the gym did, even.  I don’t have to travel to the gym, so on those awful weather days, I can just get dressed and hop on the treadmill with no trouble.

I also bought a road bike yesterday!  I’ve wanted a bike for years, and I finally took the leap.  That was definitely an investment, and I hope that it’s something that I love.  I haven’t gotten a chance to take her out yet (see previously mentioned heat wave), but I’m hoping to get out for a few miles this afternoon and maybe a few more miles tomorrow with Laura.  I just have to do my best to not crash!  But I have a helmet, so I’ll be fine.  Went with platform pedals to start rather than clipless.  I want to get used to the bike first, then in a few months, switch to clipless.  Eventually, I’ll get a trainer for the winter, so there will be no excuse for not working out.

And now it’s time for a  9 miler on the treadmill.  Wish me luck.

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  1. A good treadmill at home is marvelous — you can get in your run even when it is too hot outside or raining too hard or it’s too dark or too cold or it’s snowing or the streets are coated with ice or… well, whatever. Sure, some people turn them into coat racks, but I think you are someone who will make good use of it for running.

    We bought a good treadmill several years ago — my goodness, it must be around nine or ten years now — and have gotten a lot of use out of it. My wife loves it for doing brisk walking with a bit of jogging (she’s a tennis player with no desire to ever run a race). My son (26) is more into lifting weights than running, but he knows he needs aerobic training so he uses it. My daughter is a runner and, although she prefers to run outside, she loves being able to run indoors when the weather outside is unpleasant. I also run on it for the same reasons — although truth-be-told I prefer to use our semi-recumbent exercise bike for extended aerobic workouts (probably because I can read while using the bike — well, at least until sweat is running into my eyes or my glasses fog up).

    However, I about two months ago I joined the local YMCA so that I could use their fitness center. More specifically, so I could use their Nautilus equipment for a good overall workout (and have my choice of stair-stepper, eliptical machines, bikes, and treadmills for indoor aerobic workouts). I also hope to get some swim lessons this winter — I can swim (i.e., not drown) but want to learn how to swim efficiently — and get in a lot of swimming for low impact exercise but also with the thought of maybe trying a triathlon. I had tried swim membership at a nearby university pool, but their hours were limited, parking was terrible, and I always felt like a not especially welcome outsider. (Last year’s Achilles tendon surgery followed by hernia surgery put a hold on thoughts about triathlons and I am still struggling to get into some kind of age-appropriate competitive shape.)

    Ran in a four-mile race yesterday and had a good time. There was light rain through most of the race but but on an August morning the rain actually felt good. I’m delighted to find that — as slow as I may be — I have reached the point where I am fit enough that running has become fun once again.

    Good luck with your treadmill!

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