Holidailies is here again

Well, I somehow missed the first day of Holidailies this year, and it looks as if we’re currently without prompts, but I’m still excited to see it back again.  It’s always incentive for me to blog.  Of course, frequently, when I get home from work, the last thing that I want to do is get on the computer, which makes it hard, but I’m going to try.

For whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like the holiday season this year.  It’s my first year in my new house… and I’m not putting up the Christmas tree.  This is mostly due to time.  My goal was to be all settled into the house by Christmas.  I moved in March.  Most of my walls remain bare.  It’s something I’m working on, but it’s very slow going.  At least 95% of the boxes are unpacked.  Just a few little things left to deal with, mostly because I’m scared of my attic so I haven’t gone up there yet.  (Yes, I said it.)  So instead of wrestling with the Christmas tree and all the struggle that goes with it, I’m using what little free time I do have to finish getting the house in order.

I do have some decorations up though, and my office is going overboard with decorations, so it’s not as if I’m without the holiday spirit. Plus I don’t spend Christmas day at the house, so there’s no missing out there.

It still seems a bit strange to not have a tree though.

3 thoughts on “Holidailies is here again

  1. Holidailies hasn’t officially started yet… someone else took over the site and it will be up and running late this year. A bunch of people just decided to do it on their own when it looked like there wasn’t going to be a holidailies at all.

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