New runDisney stuff!

Today, my sister notified me that there is new runDisney gear up on the Disney Store website.    All geared towards marathon weekend and definitely stuff I’ve seen at expos, but it’s kind of fun to see it up early.

If you’re training for Goofy, I love the idea of using this magnet to hold your training schedule to your fridge.  That should keep you motivated!

I’m not going Goofy this year (though my sister is).  But I am doing my first marathon.  And I’m kind of in love with this jacket.

Maybe as a training reward for getting through a long run?  I wear this sort of jacket all the time and have one from Princess (from the year I got sick the night before the race and didn’t run… maybe I would be jinxing myself to get the jacket?).

Oh Disney, how you make my money magically fly out of my wallet.

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