The Next Adventure

As if having my first marathon on my schedule wasn’t enough adventure for me, after some long conversations with Kim, I may very well be doing my first triathlon next year.


Some of it depends on schedule.  I have a lot going on next year, including my college reunion (which I still don’t know if I’m attending) and a week-long cruise in the fall, both during prime triathlon times.  So it might not happen.  Who knows.

But what I do know is that aiming for a tri will help me with my cross-training slump.  For the most part, I run and I lift weights.  I clearly need to do more.  Swimming is amazing cross-training.  Tragically, I am not independently wealthy, so I don’t have a lap pool in my backyard.

Side note: I am now trying to imagine my backyard with a lap pool and I’m pretty sure that it would take up the entire yard.  Oh, to live in an area with less expensive housing.

But I digress.  I have found a community pool with a decent membership fee that I’m going to check out this fall once they return to normal lap swimming hours.  Even twenty minutes of swimming twice a week would be a great workout.  I’m wondering if I can manage to fit it in before work.  It might require me shifting my schedule a bit.  But as a friend would put it, that’s a problem for future Megan.

For now, I’m just trying to bike more.  I took my bike out for a ten mile ride today and it’s clear that I need an adjustment.  I’ve scheduled the bike for a fitting next Friday, and it’s way past time.  I  think the handlebars need to come up.  I feel like I’m putting too much pressure in my hands and my shoulders and neck hurt after only a few minutes.  But we’ll see what the experts say.

Embarrassingly, I still don’t have clipless pedals on my bike – I’m still using the cheapo cages that came with the bike.  I still don’t feel steady enough for the “real” pedals.  But I’m thinking it’s about time.  Not sure it’s going to come about while I’m at the bike shop unless I can find some quality shoes there as well.  But I will probably look into it.  I think I’ll probably try to switch out the pedals once outdoor biking season is over for me (I don’t take the road bike out in the ice.  Or the dark.).  That way I can practice clipping in and out.

So that’s where I stand.  Marathon training.  Tri training.  I might be crazy.

Especially since I somehow hurt my lower back today.  Maybe biking, maybe dragging the bike into the house, maybe doing laundry.  Who knows.  I’m hoping tomorrow’s ten mile run and later kayaking adventure helps.  Because if you can’t do something stupid and ill-advised, why do anything at all?

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  1. Are you regretting meeting me now?? If it makes you feel better right now I’m doing all of this on a mountain bike.

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