It’s Getting Real

I think somewhere in my brain, it’s not yet real that I’m actually running a marathon in January.  When I registered, I was immediately nervous.  Now, it just seems like it’s so far away that it’s something I don’t really have to think about it.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely training.  My training runs haven’t yet been more than 12 miles though, so it just feels like some extra long runs before a half marathon, not like actual marathon training.

Maybe it’s good that I’m not dwelling on it too much.  This weekend’s 12 mile run was rough.  Of course, that was to be expected, having been a slug while on vacation, not running, and not eating properly.  The idea of doing twice that and then some?  It sounds scary.  So I’m just ignoring it.

Right now, I have two big things on my running radar: Disney’s Tower of Terror Ten Miler at the end of the month and the Annapolis Striders’ Metric Marathon the following weekend (and the Baltimore Half the weekend after that and the Army Ten Miler 2 weeks later and…).    I’m excited for Tower because I love Disney races and because so many of my friends are going to be there.  I’m nervous because it’s a night race, and those are a bit of a struggle for me.  But I’m hoping that my training runs will be more than enough to get me through 10 miles.

Kim and I are treating the Metric Marathon as a training run, but it’s still a 16+ mile run.  It will be my longest distance to date.  I’m sure she and I will be the last two in the pack, but that’s okay.  We’re going to take it nice and easy and just get through the run.  I think once I get over that hurdle, I’ll feel a lot better about training.  I’m a little worried about how I’m going to get there, with busy weekends coming up.  I might only get in a 13 mile run before the 16 miler, which isn’t the world’s best idea, but such is life.  And after that, my schedule has me dropping back for a few weeks (races, weddings, etc) and I’ll pick up the longer distances in November with a 15 mile run the first weekend of the month.

I’m pretty sure that October is the point when I’ll start getting really nervous.  But I have a schedule that will get me through.  I just have to stick with the plan.  I’m glad I sat down and looked at my personal calendar and made a plan that will work for me.  It took a few tweaks, but I’m getting in the distance, and that should be enough to get me across that finish line.

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  1. I am super nervous about running the Disney Marathon too. My husband and I are following the training schedule.. It’s hard to believe that it is coming.. .When I registered in May, I thought it was so far away, but it’s get closer.. reality is hitting in..

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