Quick Training Update

Just a quick afternoon post to talk about my current training.

This weekend was a rest weekend, as I was out of town for a friend’s wedding.  There was lots of dancing, but that was offset by poor eating and many drinks.  It was fun though, and definitely worthwhile to take the weekend “off.”

My long runs for marathon training have been going well.  Slower than I’d like, but I keep reminding myself that I’m not doing this race for time, I’m doing it for the distance.  I am also hoping that all of the long runs will help me during the two half marathons I’m running this fall, but I’m not committed to any particular time.

October is mostly a month of racing, so I won’t be picking up the long training runs again until November.  Of course, one of those long runs is a metric marathon and one is a half marathon, so I will still be putting miles on my legs.

Midweek training is also going pretty well, though I need to make a change somewhere.  Right now, I’m running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (at 4:30 am!), lifting on Monday and Wednesday morning, and Friday is either a run or weights, depending on how I feel. I clearly need to add some other cross-training into the mix, but it’s coming down to time and energy at this point.  I might stick my bike back into the trainer for a while, since I won’t be doing weekend bike rides the day before a race.  Another option is to pick up one of my cardio dvds and do that once or twice a week.

Finding a balance is tough, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

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