Girly Running

I like to look good when I race.  I am a proud Sweat Pink Ambassador.  I love wearing Sparkle Skirts and think the girls from Team Sparkle are pretty awesome too.  When the race calls for it (namely runDisney’s Princess Half), I have glitter on my face, at least until I sweat it off during the first three miles.

It is probably the only time in my life when I am unashamedly girly.  I only wear dresses to work when I absolutely have to, and if I could get away with it, would wear jeans, flip flops and a hooded sweatshirt to the office every day (its’s cold in there!).  I like to look nice and well put together, but I don’t think anyone would call me excessively girly.

And then they see me on race morning.  I think I scare people sometime with my bouncing and giddyness (it’s how I deal with the fact that it’s oh-dark-thirty).  But generally, I think that life is more fun when you’re being positive, regardless of the situation.  So what if it’s early?  You’re up and ready to run!  Exciting!  (Okay, I even annoy myself sometimes.)

I have definitely met people who are not fans of the girly runner.  Some people think that it takes away from the sport. After all, someone who is that worried about how they look can’t be a serious runner, right?


Take a look at the women in the first corral, especially at races like runDisney or IronGirl or Nike Women’s Half.  Check out how many skirts you see.  Check out the headbands.  The cute tops.  The fun shoe laces.  You will see it all.  And it doesn’t make any of us less of an athlete.

I wouldn’t be wearing the fun gear if it impeded my running.  It’s why I don’t wear costumes.  Some people can run in amazing costumes and still run fast (most notably, Charlene’s UP costume – I still don’t know how she did that).  I’m sure someday I will venture into simple costume territory, but I haven’t yet.  I’m still focused on the finish line.

The point I’m making is that there is nothing wrong with being a girly runner.  If you want to wear pink, wear pink!  There’s nothing wrong with being a non-girly runner.  I have friends who wouldn’t be caught dead in sparkles and bows.  That’s okay too.  We’re all out there, having fun.   And hey, even if you don’t want to wear a costume, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the costumes you see as you run!

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