Race Expos!

Today, I am going to the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler Race Expo!  Hooray!

I love race expos.  Which seems funny, coming from a girl who loathes shopping.  I hate going to the mall, but could spend hours perusing the offerings at an expo.

But somehow, race expos are different.  I love going into a giant room filled with vendors selling running gear, advertising their races, and handing out delicious free samples.  I love to walk up and down every aisle and see what there is to see.  I have discovered some awesome companies and some awesome races while browsing race expos.

(Of course, runDisney expos are extra fun because of all of the race merchandise.  Same goes for races like the Rock and Roll series and Marine Corps.)

The place is also filled with excited and nervous runners, which makes for a fun atmosphere.  And sometimes there are speakers to watch, famous runners to meet, and fun to be had.  All in all, a good time.

Race expos are dangerous for my wallet, that’s for sure.  But who knows what I might find?  I will be sure to report back.

3 thoughts on “Race Expos!

  1. I think it is very cool that your blog has turned into a running blog and the way you are now posting so frequently. You are producing some interesting and useful info.

    I’ve never been to a running expo — although some larger races have had a fair number of vendors setting up tables and showing off their merchandise. However, I try to give all of my running-related business to a local running store that supports and sponsors local running events, so I probably would not spend a lot of money at such an event, but I think it would be interesting to look around at an expo.

    And now I think I need to go put on my running stuff and go out for a run. My daughter has been trying to talk me into running a half marathon with her next year. I have begun to daydream about it — if I can persuade myself to have bunion surgery over the winter because it would be too painful otherwise — and then get myself into shape for that distance. I’ll be moving into a new age group next year (will hit 70 in April) and I am thinking it would be kind of a cool thing do do.

  2. Thanks, Jim! It’s amazing that you’re still reading after all these years of stops and starts. I’m impressed at your writing longevity for sure, since you were one of the first online journalists that I read and one of two I continue to read from that era.

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