Pet Peeve – People Who Tell Me to Stop Walking

As a Galloway runner (meaning that I do a run/walk pattern rather than run all the way through a race), I regularly encounter spectators (and the occasional runner) who tell me to stop walking.  Most of the time, this is shouted as encouragement.  “Don’t walk!  You’re almost there!”  It’s said as if I’m walking because I’m struggling.  I’m sure that most of these people are just trying to be helpful, but it’s a little deflating to be having a great race and have someone tell me to stop walking.  Maybe with my intervals, I’m having a great race!

Of course, I’ve been running and had fellow runners scold me for walking during a race.  “You shouldn’t be out here if you can’t run.”  Yeah, thanks for that.   Obviously, I wholeheartedly disagree.  It doesn’t matter if you run every step or walk every step.  If you can cover the distance in the time allotted for the race, then you have every right to be there.

I know the majority of people who yell out to walkers are just trying to be helpful.  But it definitely does bug me.  It’s intentional!  I planned to walk my intervals!

So what should you, as a spectator, do if you see someone walking? Look at their face.  If they look like they’re struggling, offer encouragement.  And if they’re looking great, just yell something like “Way to go!”  It

4 thoughts on “Pet Peeve – People Who Tell Me to Stop Walking

  1. Hi! Stopping by from Holidailies … I totally disagree with those guys, too. If you want to participate in a race, it shouldn’t matter if you run, walk, or roll down the street in a wheelchair, so long as you do it. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

  2. People have actually said, “You shouldn’t be out here if you can’t run”.
    That is really sad and I am sorry for that!
    I think the galloway method is so much better for your body! I wish I can stick with intervals because I know i would recover so much quicker. I love support on the side of the road, but I don’t think I have ever been negatively yelled at.

  3. It is kind of crazy, and most of the negativity does actually come from other runners. I just do my best to stay over to the side of the course. Doesn’t stop people from shoving by when I’m on a walk break. But frequently, I end up catching those same people before the race is over because they pushed too hard in the beginning.

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